Definition of filovirus in US English:



  • A filamentous RNA virus of a genus which causes severe hemorrhagic fevers in humans and primates, and which includes the Ebola and Marburg viruses.

    • ‘According to the study, the outer protein shell of filoviruses, such as Ebola, have a biochemical structure similar to retroviruses carried by birds, making a common evolutionary origin more likely.’
    • ‘Ebola is a filovirus, a type of virus about which little is known.’
    • ‘But Kelly, not content to accept the Black Death as offspring of the deadly bubonic, also looks at new evidence that the medieval plague ‘may, in fact, have been an outbreak of anthrax or an Ebola-like filovirus.’’
    • ‘Together with their cousin, the Marburg virus, they make up the family of viruses known as filoviruses.’
    • ‘These ‘filoviruses’ have a shape that differentiates them from the other types of viral hemorrhagic fevers, which include dengue and yellow fever.’