Definition of filopodial in US English:



  • See filopodium

    • ‘Then, we find the connection between the spacing between adjacent filopodia and the rates of the filopodial initiation and lateral drift.’
    • ‘When growth cones encounter guidance cues or asymmetric environments, signaling changes may also affect filopodial motility and distribution or microtubule engorgement to guide subsequent growth cone motility.’
    • ‘Other cells from the same population spread in a slower, anisotropic mode, exhibiting filopodial protrusions, greater membrane ruffling, edge retraction, and centripetal flow of actin filaments.’
    • ‘However, filopodial protrusions would be more efficient for crawling through extracellular matrix and on surfaces of other cells.’
    • ‘Also, some observations indicate that the rate of filopodial elongation does not slow down with filopodial length as fast as predicted by our theory.’