Definition of film in English:



  • 1A thin flexible strip of plastic or other material coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs or motion pictures.

    ‘he had already shot a whole roll of film’
    ‘a new range of films and cameras’
    • ‘The keenest cameraman of them all, who we thought must have shot at least 200 frames, admitted he had no film in his camera.’
    • ‘Wearily, she checked her camera for film and took a few pictures.’
    • ‘Despite still selling film and cameras, the company began to become debt ridden.’
    • ‘Part of the preparation is to make sure you are loaded with film and all the exposure settings on your camera are correct.’
    • ‘There's no film in the camera, just numbers, so you can turn it on and do whatever you want for as long as you want.’
    • ‘The method creates a digital image that is vivid and precise: a photograph that requires neither film nor camera.’
    • ‘Since slide film does not take exposure inaccuracies in its stride, you take every shot three times.’
    • ‘A security guard destroyed a roll of film and broke her camera attempting to remove the battery.’
    • ‘He primarily shoots outdoor landscapes and scenics, using both film and digital cameras.’
    • ‘I actually prefer to use colour film with the pinhole camera because it just looks so nice.’
    • ‘This from a man who shot many tens of thousands of sheets of film in his career.’
    • ‘All you need is an album, an instant camera, rolls of film and painting materials if you are that way inclined.’
    • ‘As she tried to fit another roll of film into the camera, sudden loud shots were heard.’
    • ‘I have the habit of leaving film in my camera until I've forgotten what was on it.’
    • ‘On the way back to my grandparent's house, I bought some film for the camera I kept in my car.’
    • ‘They were just about to leave when the photographer realised that he had not put any film into the camera.’
    • ‘After you remove the protective material, the back side is shiny and looks like camera film.’
    • ‘The click he'd heard was the camera running out of film, and shutting it's self off.’
    • ‘One year down the track, that has changed and I have now spent a few days and a roll of film with this camera.’
    • ‘So here we are again at the end of another year and several rolls of film through the camera.’
    • ‘Liz just laughed, made sure there was film still in the camera and took the picture.’
    1. 1.1 Material in the form of a thin flexible sheet.
      ‘clear plastic film between the layers of glass’
      • ‘However, a less costly alternative is to have a clear plastic film laminated onto the glass.’
      • ‘Leave to rise on oiled baking sheets, covered with oiled clear film, for 15 minutes.’
      • ‘The moist blots were wrapped in clear plastic film and scanned on a conventional flat bed scanner.’
      • ‘The samples were arranged as flat as possible and wrapped in a single layer of thin polyethylene film.’
      • ‘Cut the beef fillet into thin slices and, layered between sheets of plastic film, beat until extremely thin.’
      • ‘He uses a clear plastic film over seeds or young plants to generate more heat.’
      • ‘Window security film can be clear or tinted to limit transmission of infrared or visible light.’
      • ‘The latest version, known by the brand name Superglass, has two layers of clear film between the panes.’
    2. 1.2 A thin layer covering a surface.
      ‘she quickly wiped away the light film of sweat’
      • ‘These fissures can be sealed with a resin film to protect the surface from decay.’
      • ‘The darkness appeared as a thick, black fog across the motorway, a blue film of light surrounding it.’
      • ‘Dust films are a light powder of clay and silt-sized particles that adhere to rough surfaces and rock fractures.’
      • ‘Now that she was closer she could see a fine, milky-white film covering both eyes.’
      • ‘We've been dusting the last 24 hours because we found everything covered with a light film of dust.’
      • ‘She looked up at him with a disconcerted, unfocused gaze, her normally clear ice blue eyes covered with a dazed, cloudy film.’
      • ‘Now think of the same image, but this time the chocolate is covered by a white film on its surface.’
      • ‘The choice of solvent mixture gives a good adhesion to the glass surface and results in thin films covering the glass plates.’
      • ‘The first coat should be allowed to dry overnight to give clear pink film.’
      • ‘But look closer and the clear packaging has an unusual matte film, is slightly cloudy and slightly sticky to touch.’
      • ‘Until recently, techniques for determining atomic structure haven't been agile enough to test liquids, except as very thin films.’
      layer, coat, coating, covering, cover, surface, sheet, patina, blanket, dusting, skin, overlay, screen, mask, wash, glaze, varnish, veneer, veil
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    3. 1.3archaic A fine thread or filament.
      ‘films of silk’
  • 2A motion picture; a movie.

    ‘a horror film’
    [as modifier] ‘a film director’
    • ‘In August and September the concept for my film became clear and it was completed in the autumn.’
    • ‘When we made this film we were very clear that we were not going to go that route.’
    • ‘In the first shot of this film, the camera moves slowly down a cross.’
    • ‘Having read a lot of comments about the film, one thing is clear: I need to see this film again, and soon.’
    • ‘She even had a clear idea of the type of film she wanted to make.’
    • ‘A short documentary film has already been made about his story.’
    • ‘The kids in this film don't seem like children.’
    • ‘The film's title is a reference to the sheet of nine rare postage stamps, which they see as their ticket to the top.’
    • ‘The festival closes on Sunday and some of these films don't show after tonight.’
    • ‘The Danish director's films seem to inspire either love or loathing.’
    • ‘There is a clear warning in this film; we may be headed in the same direction.’
    • ‘And there are lots of people who will disagree that any one of the films by the following filmmakers failed.’
    • ‘Apart from watching the documentary film was there any other research that you felt was necessary?’
    • ‘So far I have only been able to view the film on an American DVD.’
    • ‘The film has clear mass appeal in spite of the intellectual aspirations.’
    • ‘Approximately 113 Australian fiction films were produced in the years from 1906 to 1914.’
    • ‘This is a delightful family film with layers of humour designed to appeal to all age groups.’
    • ‘It was like watching a horror film unfold.’
    • ‘He has recently written and directed his first feature film.’
    • ‘It is impossible to watch this film without being pierced by their clear, small voices.’
    movie, picture, feature, feature film
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    1. 2.1 Movies considered as an art or industry.
      ‘a critical overview of feminist writing on film’
      • ‘His analysis proves to be both entertaining and enlightening for film buffs and academics.’
      • ‘The match was organised to raise welfare fund for the Bollywood film industry's technicians and stuntmen.’
      • ‘No-one, in UK broadsheets at least, writes terribly convincingly about film at the moment.’
      • ‘On closer inspection, he found it was a Bollywood film crew.’
      • ‘The film industry has blamed the police for their failure in nabbing the culprits.’
      • ‘Long a film buff, Verna says she's always maintained broad artistic interests.’
      • ‘He wrote several books on film and art, notably Dada: Art and Anti-Art.’
      • ‘Cox rather endearingly refers to film as ‘the movies’ with barely hidden schoolboy zest.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, the boundaries of acceptability are being pushed hard in the current round of film festival screenings.’
      • ‘The respondent is self-employed as a contractor to the Toronto area film production industry.’
      • ‘Today, traditional art forms are practised alongside painting, photography, theatre and film.’
      cinema, movies, the pictures
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  • 1[with object] Capture on film as part of a series of moving images; make a movie of (a story or event)

    ‘she glowered at the television crew who were filming them’
    • ‘If she had her way, by the time the movie was done filming, Ryan and Ann will be very cozy indeed.’
    • ‘At the end of this movie, when we do the concert, it was all filmed basically live.’
    • ‘George himself has filmed a spoken word documentary entitled Bone Bristle, now in post-production.’
    • ‘The expose was filmed on the set of her show.’
    • ‘The movie was filmed on location in Oregon and the period clothing and accoutrements are generally right on.’
    • ‘We didn't know, but they had secretly filmed it on the opening night.’
    • ‘Well, it was filmed for television, and therefore is a full frame presentation.’
    • ‘A couple of years ago, my block was shut down because they were filming a movie.’
    • ‘The family were filmed over a period of three months and had six cameras installed in their house.’
    • ‘He also filmed a series of shows in New York earlier this year.’
    • ‘Their actions led to them being filmed by Belgian television crews.’
    • ‘The cameraman who filmed the dramatic pictures in Wood Lane that night was Jon Brotherton.’
    • ‘At first I thought we were being filmed for a comedy programme or something.’
    • ‘She was filmed by television crews casually bumping into the group and speaking to Mr Howard and Mr Norris.’
    • ‘One can only pray that they may be filmed for television and DVD.’
    • ‘The show is filmed in a studio, which is part of the house he shares with his family.’
    • ‘And it certainly has to have resonated with the themes of the movie that you were filming.’
    • ‘The second plane, minutes later, was filmed from every angle.’
    • ‘They should film all the episodes again - except with a catch.’
    • ‘I am filming my next movie soon and I thought that you people should be the second to know.’
    record on film, shoot, record, take pictures of, make a film of, capture on film, video, photograph
    adapt for film, make into a film
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    1. 1.1film well/badly[no object] Be well or badly suited to portrayal in a film.
      ‘an adventure story that would film well’
      • ‘Furthermore, football is one of the grittiest sports, it films well, and it can be molded into just about any metaphor for life.’
      • ‘Why it is that Conrad's novels film badly while Greene's film well.’
  • 2[no object] Become or appear to become covered with a thin layer of something.

    ‘his eyes had filmed over’
    • ‘His eyes filmed over, and the eternal darkness enclosed his soul.’
    cloud, mist, fog, haze
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Old English filmen membrane; related to fell.