Definition of filling in English:



  • 1A quantity of material that fills or is used to fill something.

    ‘a cushion with polyester filling’
    • ‘A soft, light duvet and four oversized pillows with down filling complete the package.’
    • ‘It was given a temporary filling of polystyrene with a final layer of chalk the material originally used to build the hill but no decision has been taken yet about a permanent solution.’
    • ‘Similarly, sofas and chairs should be selected with a conscientious eye - those filled with natural fibres such as feathers and down are favoured over synthetic fillings.’
    • ‘He invented a mix of natural and synthetic fibers that was able to produce harder but flexible particle board, that now is being utilized as the inner filling of the door panel.’
    • ‘Moreover, its production creates less than half the greenhouse gases normally generated in producing synthetic fillings for duvets and pillows.’
    • ‘‘It was a fur covered pillow that had a soft fuzzy filling,’ writes one guy.’
    • ‘However, it was abundant only at the Percy Chester mine, where it occurred as coatings and fillings in solution channels.’
    • ‘Once recycled, the directories could find themselves whole new leases of life as fillings for loft insulation, packaging materials, jiffy bags, egg boxes and animal bedding.’
    • ‘To avoid undue pressure on the thighs, front edges of seats have extra soft filling and slope forward.’
    stuffing, padding, wadding, filler, quilting, cushioning, lining, packing
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    1. 1.1A piece of material used to fill a cavity in a tooth.
      ‘a gold filling’
      • ‘However, apart from occasional allergic reactions, there is little evidence of adverse effects arising from the placement of tooth coloured fillings.’
      • ‘Silver remains the substance of choice for the majority of fillings in permanent teeth.’
      • ‘Mouth ulcers are common and are usually due to trauma such as from ill fitting dentures, fractured teeth, or fillings.’
      • ‘As he grinned, his gold fillings glinted in the hallway light.’
      • ‘Tiny grooves may need to be cut into remaining teeth or fillings, so that the denture clips into a firm position.’
      • ‘Once again, using bleaching gels in this way may not work for certain types of discolouration, such as that caused by metal fillings or damaged blood vessels inside a tooth.’
      • ‘Cigarette smoke didn't affect the number of cavities and fillings in a child's permanent teeth.’
      • ‘The idea is to use the substance to provide a lining under new fillings, avoiding the need to replace fillings as cavities grow.’
      • ‘Principal Curtis' mouth promptly dropped open, exposing his silver fillings.’
      • ‘Most people now reach adulthood with few or no fillings in their teeth.’
      • ‘Remove any metal fillings as they're a major source of mercury.’
      • ‘I've got two chipped fillings, and several cavities, which are all starting to get quite uncomfortable.’
      • ‘In 1997, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reviewed nearly 60 studies about mercury exposure and dental fillings.’
      • ‘It's used in thermometers, batteries and dental fillings and is emitted from power plants and other industrial activity.’
      • ‘He or she will place a temporary filling on the tooth until you come back.’
      • ‘If you have concerns about dental fillings, speak to your dentist.’
      • ‘It can also produce a tiny gap between the filling and the tooth that may lead to further decay.’
      • ‘I've got huge cavities, missing fillings and chipped and cracked teeth.’
      • ‘If you have old discolored plastic fillings, these will not get lighter from bleaching, and should be replaced after the process is completed.’
      • ‘It's less certain whether exposure to elemental mercury, which is used in thermometers, dental fillings and batteries, poses a risk in pregnancy.’
      backing, interlining, facing, inlay, reinforcement, liner
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    2. 1.2An edible substance placed between the layers of a sandwich, cake, or other foodstuff.
      ‘a Swiss roll with a chocolate filling’
      • ‘The potato and cheese filling was soft and salty and reminded me of the inside of a cheese and onion pastie.’
      • ‘The pastry was paper thin and crisp and the filling had that lovely burnt-toffee taste.’
      • ‘Don't stick to my filling though, use whatever you like best, or whatever is left in the fridge.’
      • ‘As I stood in the queue, I observed the dishes of sandwich fillings resting limply behind the glass counter.’
      • ‘The sandwich fillings will certainly come as welcome relief to those of you that can't face another tired cheese sandwich.’
      • ‘Divide the filling into six portions and fill in tomatoes.’
      • ‘But soon we started seeking out the harder stuff: toffee flavoured custard fillings, almond and caramel coatings, that sort of thing.’
      • ‘The fillings are incredibly, filling, rich and tasty, with the buckwheat in the crêpes giving everything a good, nutty texture.’
      • ‘Dry the sheets and layer the filling between them.’
      • ‘The pastry was too dense, the chocolate filling was too dry, and it was loaded with nuts that simply overwhelmed whatever pear flavour might have been there.’
      • ‘Ordering two chicken soft tacos, combining the fillings into one shell and tossing the other is one way to boost the percent of calories from protein.’
      • ‘Layers, fillings, stuffings - these are the elements of impressive party food.’
      • ‘Prepare them the night before especially pasta salads or sandwich fillings.’
      • ‘Amber comes over as I'm mixing the filling, this time using tapioca and cider vinegar.’
      • ‘As I watch him and his two staff line dozens of deep pie tins with pastry and fill them with his 16 fillings, it's obvious that this is a man dedicated to his craft.’
      • ‘Roll the rice paper by folding up one side of the rice paper lengthwise over the fillings.’
      • ‘Dark chocolate is used for some chocolate fillings.’
      • ‘The purple rolls are fried until they are crispy on the outside while the filling remains soft and sticky.’
      • ‘Transfer the filling to a cutting board, thinly slice, and reserve.’
      • ‘I had a couple of beers and a very pleasant baguette filled with all manner of interesting fillings.’
    3. 1.3North American
      another term for weft


  • (of food) leaving one with a pleasantly satiated feeling.

    ‘a filling spicy bean soup’
    • ‘They can go with just about anything and make a filling meal.’
    • ‘Anyway, the food tasted good and was certainly very filling.’
    • ‘The only space left, after that mountain of filling food, is for a couple of cocktails at Middlesex.’
    • ‘I had a ridiculously tasty marshmallow cocoa and a very filling egg salad sandwich.’
    • ‘It's a big, filling serving and I could have stopped there, but that would have made for a short review.’
    • ‘She sat down and ate a very filling meal with her friends.’
    • ‘In due course I was able to enjoy a tasty and filling snack with adequate green salad to accompany it.’
    • ‘This is much more of a hot and filling working person's lunch, and although it's not the hottest curry in the world, it's balanced and tasty.’
    • ‘Combined with chicken and vegetables, it makes a very filling, nutritious soup.’
    • ‘Luckily it still was open and I proceeded to enjoy a very filling dinner.’
    • ‘I grew up on a filling diet of traditional handmade Italian food cooked by my father, and learned to make such dishes myself.’
    • ‘Quickly roasted over a campfire, these made a very satisfying and splendid filling meal to end an otherwise trying and long day.’
    • ‘However, in order to make something that constitutes a filling, edible meal, some creativity is still needed.’
    • ‘This serving is very filling and a bargain for smoked salmon at $8.95.’
    • ‘Even without the filling soup as a first course, the T-bone steak and salad had been an excellent meal.’
    • ‘The waitress recommended the banana cake, but it sounded a little too heavy after such a filling meal.’
    • ‘As delicious as it was, it was by no means a filling dish.’
    • ‘So last year, I decided to eat a healthy, filling meal before heading out to shop - no more fast food cravings!’
    • ‘Cookbooks are now embracing hearty, filling casseroles.’
    • ‘Chips or potatoes were certainly not missed as the burger was very filling.’
    substantial, hearty, ample, abundant, solid, nutritious, nourishing, satisfying, square
    heavy, stodgy, starchy, leaden
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