Definition of fill someone in in US English:

fill someone in

phrasal verb

  • 1Inform someone more fully of a matter, giving all the details.

    ‘the cab driver filled me in on much important economic and sociological data’
    • ‘Seriously, somebody fill me in here.’
    • ‘When Steve fully awoke, Shield filled him in on the details.’
    • ‘Josh filled Jason in on what he missed and Jason in exchange informed him of what happened with him.’
    • ‘I have the slightest clue what he is talking about, can you fill me in?’
    • ‘He filled me in with some interesting pieces of information I hadn't been aware of.’
    • ‘Even though dispatch fills you in on the situation as they know it, they are often wrong, because the person who called the problem in doesn't know what they are talking about.’
    • ‘The biographer of one of our biggest stars fills us in on a big star who lived large and died broke.’
    • ‘Andy has been a great help around the area filling us in with a lot of information about Ireland as well as the area.’
    • ‘Nora invited Amanda to the sitting room for tea, and filled her in on how the commune worked, and that no profits were made, but everything was paid for.’
    • ‘Can anyone fill me in on these important matters.’
    inform of, advise of, tell about, notify of, acquaint with, apprise of, brief on, enlighten about, update with, bring up to date about, make conversant with, report to about
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  • 2British dated, informal Hit or punch someone.

    ‘I filled in a chap and took his money’
    • ‘I filled in a chap and took his money.’