Definition of fill light in US English:

fill light


  • A supplementary light used in photography or filming that does not change the character of the main light and is used chiefly to lighten shadows.

    • ‘A bit more fill light might have calmed down the background more.’
    • ‘If you have portable lights, you can dramatically improve your shots using the three-point lighting technique based around a key light, a fill light and a backlight.’
    • ‘This is the fill light and helps soften the shadows.’
    • ‘I prefer no reflectors and no fill lights, because there's less to remind her she's working in front of a machine.’
    • ‘Shots of Nicole were backed with masses of flowers, the cutaways of O'Brien were dramatically lit with what appeared to be coloured gels on the fill light.’


fill light

/fɪl laɪt/