Definition of file-sharing in English:



  • The practice of or ability to transmit files from one computer to another over a network or the Internet.

    [often as modifier] ‘file-sharing software’
    • ‘The file-sharing networks have been drenched with copies.’
    • ‘Personally I've discovered countless bands through Internet and file-sharing.’
    • ‘Creating file-sharing software is completely legal in Japan.’
    • ‘They also analyzed the music collections of people who use Internet file-sharing services.’
    • ‘The worm will also attempt to spread via file-sharing networks and infect other executable files.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court ruled unanimously today against Internet file-sharing services.’
    • ‘More Americans have used file-sharing software than voted for the President.’
    • ‘Freenet isn't just a file-sharing network designed to resist censorship of all kinds.’
    • ‘Would you stop using file-sharing networks to prevent your computer from becoming infected by a worm?’
    • ‘This is the introducing of corrupt or bogus files into file-sharing services.’
    • ‘In general, the artists and musicians surveyed appear to have a balanced perspective on the subject of file-sharing and the internet.’
    • ‘Theft is theft, whether it be via a home burglary, corporate embezzlement scheme or a file-sharing network.’
    • ‘The number of music tracks available through file-sharing networks has fallen 27 per cent compared to the same period last year.’
    • ‘And - possibly the final proof - it hasn't appeared on any of the file-sharing networks.’
    • ‘The bill is the latest attempt by film and music trade associations to combat the hard-to-police use of file-sharing software.’
    • ‘But the pirated versions of the game which are on file-sharing and free software sites are older ones.’
    • ‘Japanese police have arrested two users of a supposedly anonymous file-sharing network.’
    • ‘When he was questioned, Spence told police that he had accessed the pictures and movies through file-sharing software and kept them on his hard drive.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the file-sharing software I use was unable to help me.’
    • ‘The user is then asked to remove the media from their computer, and to turn off their file-sharing software.’