Definition of figurine in US English:



  • A statuette, especially one of a human form.

    • ‘Human figurines are depicted with conventional ringlets of hair, a flat nose, thick lips and oval face.’
    • ‘Two jade figurines lay beside Pacal, one representing the sun god.’
    • ‘A replica of the Eiffel Tower or a figurine of a dolphin will evoke a sentimental feeling.’
    • ‘Her dresser has dragon statues and figurines scattered on the top of it.’
    • ‘While I was interested in the cuteness of the little figurines, Cooper was studying their prices.’
    • ‘We're talking pictures of trains and small figurines that do not move.’
    • ‘I like the way this refers back to the modelled figurines and the imaginary landscapes that fill so much of a child's psyche.’
    • ‘Practically every store now stocks figurines and statues of the cheerful young god.’
    • ‘Many terracotta figurines survive from civilizations of the Stone Age, predynastic Egypt, and ancient Crete.’
    • ‘The gigantic, colourful idols are made with straw and clay, starting with the making of straw figurines for the torso.’
    • ‘I could barely resist the ornate Chinese figurines at a stall run by a grandma.’
    • ‘Cherubs and white figurines littered the grass and in the midst of it all a bed of roses and daffodils.’
    • ‘Some students added stones and tree branches, while others added human and animal figurines.’
    • ‘Miniature terracotta figurines include girls and women carrying piglets and torches.’
    • ‘I wanted to throw one of her African figurines at her.’
    • ‘The elk is also the theme of Finland's oldest known works of art, Stone Age rock paintings and stone figurines.’
    • ‘There were pictures of jackals all over the wall and many jackal figurines.’
    • ‘The diminutive figurine is broken at the waist but preserves the torso and head of a lady and the high back of her elaborately decorated chair.’
    • ‘Her later work included the design of glass figurines and vases, some of which were mass-produced.’
    • ‘I particularly like the colorful sculptured candles and the intricately made glass figurines.’
    likeness, painting, drawing, picture, portrait, illustration, sketch, diagram, artist's impression
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Mid 19th century: from French, from Italian figurina, diminutive of figura, from Latin figura (see figure).