Definition of figure-hugging in US English:



  • (of a garment) fitting closely to the contours of a woman's body.

    ‘a low-cut, figure-hugging dress’
    • ‘Some of the class are dressed as if for the gym; others look the part with leather raincoats, figure-hugging skirts and strappy tops.’
    • ‘For some men, fashion today means wearing figure-hugging T-shirts.’
    • ‘Young guys with bulging biceps and ravishing girls in figure-hugging outfits occupied every inch of the place.’
    • ‘And the glamorous lawyer showed she meant business earlier this week when she arrived at a Downing Street reception in a red figure-hugging outfit, upstaging the World Cup heroes in whose honour the reception was held.’
    • ‘She wore a long black cloak that was billowing out behind her, over a figure-hugging black outfit.’
    • ‘The ‘American Psycho’ star was left red-faced on the first day of filming when he ripped the figure-hugging outfit as he tried to squeeze into it.’
    • ‘Minutes earlier, Charlotte - in a figure-hugging purple gown - had said: ‘I'm so happy to be here.’’
    • ‘She pulled out a purple, figure-hugging shirt that she had also customised.’
    • ‘Some women prefer dresses, which skim and flatter her body to those more figure-hugging pieces.’
    • ‘She wore what was for her fairly dowdy garb: a low-cut figure-hugging black gown that showed up her deep red hair to advantage.’
    • ‘Some were attired in figure-hugging minis, some were dressed in sparkling evening wear and a few in casuals.’
    • ‘If you're clever, you are not expected to wear a figure-hugging dress and kitten heels.’
    • ‘The perky brunette bob and colourful T-shirts of her children's television days have now been replaced by flowing blonde locks and sleek, figure-hugging outfits.’
    • ‘There are no figure-hugging, navel-revealing dresses or hip-shaking dances.’
    • ‘Fabrics ranged from nylon (used in fabulous figure-hugging knitted frocks) to wool with plenty of faux suede and fur in between.’
    • ‘Innovations included a new figure-hugging shirt that was more difficult for opposition players to grab hold of than the looser shirts of the past.’
    • ‘Winslet, wearing a figure-hugging corset-style black dress and a faded denim jacket, said it was lucky she had been cast in a dowdy role, because her weight ballooned during filming, which ended when she was six months pregnant.’
    • ‘For example, I have a black dress that is fairly figure-hugging and revealing.’
    • ‘They tend to wear trendy figure-hugging clothes, some have a lot of facial hair or tattoos, while the older ones are often bald by choice.’
    • ‘Turning, he found himself face to face with a teenage brunette in a tight green top and figure-hugging black trousers.’
    tight, close-fitting, skintight, slinky, close, sheath
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