Definition of fighting chance in US English:

fighting chance


  • A possibility of success if great effort is made.

    ‘they still have a fighting chance of clinching the title’
    • ‘Then you would have a fighting chance, but even then only, I think, a fighting chance.’
    • ‘In the long run, there is no doubt we must all open up and develop the necessary institutions which will enable us to have a fighting chance.’
    • ‘But we believe there is a fighting chance of restoring the river's fish stock to its previous level by releasing 3,000.’
    • ‘But there is ample evidence to suggest it has a fighting chance, primarily because the food is really very good.’
    • ‘I was able to do that, so now I've got a fighting chance.’
    • ‘This by no means guarantees success, but at least gives them a fighting chance.’
    • ‘On this form, they may still have a fighting chance to escape that fate.’
    • ‘If I pull two good runs I have a fighting chance of a medal.’
    • ‘They were never in the game with a fighting chance, and they too must have heard the rumblings of doom in the streets.’
    • ‘If they pick up one of those, they've got a good fighting chance of getting control of the Senate.’
    • ‘The prosecution does have a fighting chance here.’
    • ‘I was conscious of the fact that I was giving myself a fighting chance by not doing anything to cause him any distraction.’
    • ‘It does seem to be quite a close race, with London, Paris, New York, Madrid and Moscow all with a fighting chance.’
    • ‘We are ruled by our bodies, but at least we can give the mind a fighting chance.’
    • ‘There are a handful of invaluable tactics you can employ, however, to give yourself a fighting chance of getting the price you want.’
    • ‘If he has some real left-wing issue to bring Liberal voters back to the fold, he stands a fighting chance.’
    • ‘Alternatively, if I give up the make-believe and stick rigidly to the truth, I've a fighting chance of making my late sixties.’
    • ‘In Italy it is actually legal to have temperatures at which ice cubes stand a fighting chance of melting.’
    • ‘Handled correctly, however, most plants, including pines, have more than a fighting chance of survival at being moved.’
    • ‘Park legally and give the cyclists a fighting chance.’


fighting chance

/ˌfīdiNG ˈCHans/