Definition of fight tooth and nail in US English:

fight tooth and nail


  • Fight fiercely.

    • ‘The CIA battles tooth and nail over material from fifty years ago.’
    • ‘The people who fought tooth and nail to keep VCRs off the market will have a veto over all new digital television devices, including digital television devices that interface with personal computers.’
    • ‘‘We received our five star tidy town rating two years ago and fought tooth and nail to maintain it,’ he said.’
    • ‘The most hoggish CEOs of the year, though, are America's media moguls, who fought tooth and nail against a pay raise that was being sought by the people who write the scripts for their movies and TV shows.’
    • ‘Pinned almost on their own line, Naas were unable to regain possession for almost nine agonising minutes of additional time as an heroic defence fought tooth and nail to keep the opposition out’
    • ‘The Algerian and Egyptian governments have fought tooth and nail for years to prevent the installation of Islamic law as the only form of law in their countries.’
    • ‘He did not know me from Adam, but he fought tooth and nail as if I was his property.’
    • ‘Both these teams were unbeaten going into this Division Two top of the table clash and it was easy to see why as both fought tooth and nail to maintain their respective 100 per cent records.’
    • ‘When the oil industry appeared they fought it tooth and nail.’
    • ‘Everyone fought tooth and nail to keep the families here and we thought they had a chance.’
    • ‘‘Every piece offered… they fought tooth and nail to keep it in,’ said one official involved in putting together the speech.’
    • ‘He has fought tooth and nail to ensure the Parliament is more democratic, has more powers and is more relevant to people out there’.’
    • ‘But the Ulster Champions were in no mood for waving white flags instead they got bodies behind the ball, pushed themselves that extra inch and fought tooth and nail not to concede.’
    • ‘And it must be remembered that each step from rhetoric to reality was fought tooth and nail by those who preferred the status quo, and often fought with eerily similar rhetoric.’
    • ‘Since the industry has fought tooth and nail against mandatory COOL legislation, there is no way for them to know which chicken came from which kill plant.’
    • ‘Spain and Poland had fought tooth and nail over their voting status in the European Council as agreed in Nice in 2000, which gave them each almost the same number of votes as much more populous countries like Britain, France and Germany.’
    • ‘They kept plugging away, fought tooth and nail for every ball, got stuck in when it mattered, kept the heads up, the only problem was their level of finesse simply eluded them on the day.’
    • ‘The airlines fought tooth and nail against passenger-bag matching because it would slow down the check-in process.’
    • ‘The Today programme is an agenda setting news programme, that I've fought tooth and nail and to be able to listen to in the ‘Ladies Gym’ - as they insist on calling it - in my gym.’
    • ‘She said: ‘We have fought tooth and nail for a new pool.’’