Definition of fight back in US English:

fight back

phrasal verb

  • Counterattack or retaliate in a fight, struggle, or contest.

    • ‘He seems to coast sometimes, and when he gets down, that's when he fights back.’
    • ‘Well, over the past five or six years there is no doubt that the reactionaries have fought back.’
    • ‘Fortunately Mr. Gergen composes himself and fights back!’
    • ‘If the assailant resists - fights back or counters - suddenly there is a muscle tussle, an awkward strength against strength encounter.’
    • ‘Coming up next here, Congress fights back against big media.’
    • ‘The left fights back with documentaries this election season.’
    • ‘If you look at his presidency, he was always at his best when he was fighting back from something.’
    • ‘He would have fought back if he had been able to, but the hit to his head had knocked him out.’
    • ‘But our Mr. Smith fights back, defeats the political bigwigs, and watches his leaders confess their errors.’
    • ‘He drew his sword and was about to attack her when she drew her sword and fought back.’