Definition of fight a losing battle in US English:

fight a losing battle


  • Be fated to fail in one's efforts.

    ‘he was fighting a losing battle to stem the tears’
    • ‘Unaided by the public, police would be fighting a losing battle against crime.’
    • ‘Here he fights a losing battle against a formulaic script and a clunky, cliff-hanging finale that wouldn't have seemed out of place in a silent melodrama.’
    • ‘He said the planned closure was heartbreaking: ‘We are all upset about it but we are fighting a losing battle.’’
    • ‘The final score does scant justice to the efforts of the players who never stopped trying despite fighting a losing battle for much of the game.’
    • ‘Trauma counselors admit they are fighting a losing battle.’
    • ‘Meanwhile in Pickering residents living around the Beck Isle Museum fought a losing battle as water seeped through stacked sandbags and home-made defences into their houses.’
    • ‘The police are fighting a losing battle, and they know this, which is why you are unlikely to be arrested for small amounts.’
    • ‘These days I sometimes feel I'm fighting a losing battle.’
    • ‘We are trying to create a place of contemplation and peace, but it feels like fighting a losing battle.’
    • ‘I used to pull the grey hairs out, but when I discovered my grandfather had gone totally white in his twenties, I realised I was fighting a losing battle.’