Definition of fifty-fifty in US English:



  • 1The same in share or proportion; equal.

    ‘fifty-fifty partners’
    • ‘If I am correct in stating the member's position, then she believes that fifty-fifty time should be the fall-back position if something else cannot be sorted out.’
    • ‘‘They still think they're in the majority but there is a bare majority; it's nearly fifty-fifty now,’ he said.’
    • ‘This result may provide some support not that fifty-fifty divisions are unfavorable for democracy, but that more fragmentation leads to less democracy.’
    • ‘Of course, over time, you expect that that levels out and we are now at the period where hopefully the coverage will be fifty-fifty and we get on with the election campaign.’
    • ‘From a near fifty-fifty split on the devolution proposals in 1979 the referendum in 1997 provided a three to one majority for the Parliament and a clear majority for giving it tax powers.’
    • ‘Put another way, it is fair to view a couple with dependent children as forming a fifty-fifty partnership, which has the essential goal of giving their children the best possible start in life.’
    • ‘After returning from the 1960 Summer Games, he signed an unprecedented fifty-fifty split contract turning him into a professional boxer’
    • ‘Keane, being a realist, recognises those facts, but insists that the game is very much fifty-fifty.’
    • ‘There is good news in that the numbers continue to improve, and there's every reason to believe we will eventually reach essentially fifty-fifty numbers of men and women in the field.’
    • ‘China also agreed to allow foreign insurance brokers to choose their own partners and secure legal guarantees of freedom from any regulatory interference in privately negotiated contracts on a fifty-fifty equity basis.’
    • ‘They are unlikely to see fifty-fifty shares in boardrooms or childcare as the measure of fairness in the division of labour.’
    • ‘The leadership was more like fifty-fifty: four of the nine hanged after Castle Hill were Protestants.’
    • ‘Alas some controversial refereeing decisions saw all the fifty-fifty decisions going the Paisley side's way.’
    • ‘You can phone a friend, you can go fifty-fifty or you can ask the audience.’
    • ‘There should be no fifty-fifty deal, because, quite clearly, all the people of New Zealand benefit from our exports and the revenue generated from them.’
    • ‘When the skin is so dry that it tends to flake, the best carrier seems to be a fifty-fifty blend of sweet almond and corn oil with 10 per cent of organic wheatgerm oil to provide more of the revitalizing and restorative vitamin E.’
    • ‘To compound the inequity, there is a risk in a fifty-fifty custody arrangement that the mother will no longer be seen as the primary caregiver, and may completely lose her entitlement to a sole parent rate of benefit.’
    • ‘Our aim is fifty-fifty representation - total gender balance in the system.’
    • ‘‘Travelling with a partner is a fifty-fifty kind of deal,’ he explained patiently.’
    • ‘If you measure a successful relationship at fifty-fifty, I'd say we're more like ninety-ten.’
    evenly matched, evenly balanced, even, balanced, level, evenly proportioned, well matched, on a par, on an equal footing
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    1. 1.1 Used to refer to one of two possibilities that are equally likely to happen.
      ‘he has a fifty-fifty chance of surviving the operation’
      • ‘When the Governor spoke today he said well, it's a fifty-fifty call now whether interest rates rise or whether interest rates fall, and I think that characterises the view of the Reserve Bank.’
      • ‘Given past encounters it's a fifty-fifty draw that they either are willing to help us or kill us.’
      • ‘‘I'm more confident because it is a playoff,’ he said, adding the odds were fifty-fifty.’
      • ‘I am optimistic - I think we have a fifty-fifty chance to be here, to survive.’
      • ‘And at the end of the meeting he said; ‘that's the best twenty minute pitch I've ever seen’ but I also think I might have scared him, too, so it's fifty-fifty whether I'd be called back.’
      • ‘I'd give it a fifty-fifty chance, probably less.’
      • ‘If you don't know anything about probability theory, particularly expectations, you probably say to yourself, the odds are fifty-fifty that you have chosen the larger sum, so you may as well stick with your first choice.’
      • ‘A couple of the multicellular test subjects died and the invertebrates had a fifty-fifty survival rate.’
      • ‘According to the doctors, I initially had a fifty-fifty chance of surviving which is pretty serious, but even they were amazed at how quickly I began to recover.’
      • ‘Common sense and other information tells me that this race is actually dead-even, fifty-fifty.’
      • ‘Children born today have a fifty-fifty chance of living to 100.’
      • ‘Well, it was a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right.’
      • ‘If I had, I'd say there would have been a fifty-fifty chance of me turning up.’
      • ‘Well, it was almost a fifty-fifty chance right?’
      • ‘There is a fifty-fifty chance that we changed the outcome.’
      • ‘She said: ‘It's still fifty-fifty whether he will pull through but we are doing our best for him.’’
      • ‘You know - maybe not in words or objective thoughts - but you know that it's not a fifty-fifty proposition, crossing this street right now.’
      • ‘So after having a fifty-fifty shot on which track might be more fun to play, I proceed to choose one of three game modes.’
      • ‘The gamesmanship has also started with both teams claiming the coveted tag of underdogs, but for Frampton, the fact that Lismore and themselves have made the final means that it's fifty-fifty.’
      • ‘The jury is still out; I mean, it's so fifty-fifty.’


  • Equally; half and half.

    ‘they divided the spoils fifty-fifty’
    • ‘Mix baby powder fifty-fifty with blue chalk in your chalk box.’
    • ‘I'll go with you fifty-fifty on the winnings.’
    • ‘Just before I call the next member, I tell members I have been advised that the next speech is to be shared fifty-fifty.’
    • ‘I believe that couples should be able to split their incomes fifty-fifty for taxation purposes.’
    • ‘The Exec is roughly split fifty-fifty down the middle, with everything from classical liberals to old-style feminists and environmentalists.’
    • ‘Unusuallly, the party was split fifty-fifty on the issue.’
    • ‘If I work with a friend, we usually split the extra income fifty-fifty.’
    • ‘They can ask the audience, go fifty-fifty or send smoke signals to their tribal chief for the answers.’