Definition of fifth position in US English:

fifth position


  • 1Ballet
    A posture in which the feet are turned outward, one immediately in front of but touching the other so that the toe of the back foot just protrudes beyond the heel of the front foot.

    • ‘The second time around, the girl closed her feet in a very tight fifth position.’
    • ‘This means that if you're born pigeon-toed, there's no way to create a comfortable fifth position.’
    • ‘Starting in fifth position croisé right foot front, the dancer can do glissade forward and assemble front, then glissade back and assemble back.’
    • ‘The working heel comes forward, aiming for the floor in front of the big toe of the supporting foot as the working foot slides into fifth position without passing through demi-pointe.’
    • ‘From fifth position, the dancer takes a good plié and pushes off the floor, taking her torso and hips into the air.’
    1. 1.1 A position of the arms in which they are held curved in front of the body, at hip level, waist level, or above the head, with the palms facing the body.
      • ‘When they aim for a perfect fifth position, they can rotate the femur partly out of the hip socket.’
      • ‘She holds the knee stretched and maintains the turnout, keeping a tight fifth position without rolling in.’
      • ‘The men wear a white unitard so your fifth positions have to be tight and your double tours and pirouettes have to be really clean.’
      • ‘He still has a slight teenage awkwardness in his upper body and the way he holds his head, but he nightly and rightly brings down the house with dazzling aerial turns ending in the tightest fifth position ever seen.’
      • ‘There is more attention to crossed fifth positions, more stress on turnout, more speed and stamina-building.’
      • ‘To dancers practicing turns he whips off four pirouettes landing in a perfect fifth position.’
      • ‘It was thrilling to see her finish each turn in the air precisely in a perfect fifth position.’
  • 2Music
    A position of the left hand on the fingerboard of a stringed instrument nearer to the bridge than the fourth position, enabling a higher set of notes to be played.

    • ‘Easy Songs for Shifting in the First Five Positions introduces students to the second, third, fourth and fifth positions through a series of short, easily learned melodies without the need for difficult étude studies.’