Definition of field theory in US English:

field theory


  • A theory that explains physical phenomena in terms of a field and the manner in which it interacts with matter or with other fields.

    • ‘Therefore the low energy effective field theory that one gets when looking at a string theory at an energy scale so low that the strings look just like their massless particle modes is generally a supergravity theory.’
    • ‘More recently it has been shown that if CPT is broken in field theory, then Lorentz symmetry must also be broken.’
    • ‘Lattice-gauge theorists use the Feynman path-integral technique to quantize the field theory.’
    • ‘Quantum chromodynamics, the current theory of the strong interactions, is a field theory of quarks and gluons.’
    • ‘The consistency condition for string theory when described in this manner is that the field theory on the worldsheet satisfy the condition for scale invariance, also known as conformal invariance.’