Definition of field house in US English:

field house


North American
  • 1A large building, often part of a college, that provides space for a variety of athletic facilities, such as basketball and squash courts, a running track, a swimming pool, exercise equipment, and often an indoor arena with spectator seating.

    ‘in 1992, the field house added two new wood floor basketball courts’
    • ‘Inside there are four Olympic-sized ice rinks, two double gymnasiums, an indoor field house, a theatre stage, banquet facilities and numerous meeting rooms.’
    • ‘After all, that would be like forcing the baseball, tennis and track teams to all practice within one field house at the same time.’
    • ‘We get a choice to go to the gym or the yard every night - or the field house as they call it.’
    • ‘4,000 people gathered in the university field house.’
    • ‘But after my inauguration we had the field house set up with two stages, and we had 10 or 12 bands play.’
    • ‘Their new field house was built mainly to accommodate intramurals and the campus community.’
    • ‘A new student life center, an athletic stadium and field house, and an Olympic-sized pool and swimming program are among the proposals.’
    • ‘When the astrologer came to my campus, I was among thousands of students who filled the field house to hear her lecture, a crowd worthy of Hendrix.’
    • ‘It was composed of three large buildings: the living quarters building, the academic building, and the field house, which housed the gym, pool, and rock wall.’
    • ‘Actually, the plans are more for an indoor field house complex, and the stadium project was an additional option.’
    • ‘Reaching their dreams has taken one lap at a time as they zoomed around the field house parking lot.’
    • ‘As host country, Canada chose to play on a carpet-like surface laid down in the indoor field house, Alpern described.’
    • ‘They donated $10,000 to help fund a new juice bar at the base field house, a place where spouses of deployed Airmen can work out while their children play.’
    • ‘She strode through the field house door.’
    • ‘As if on cue, the glass doors of the field house opened, and the opponents strolled in.’
    • ‘They're just not producing concerts in gymnasiums and field houses the way they used to.’
    • ‘St. Francis honored Stokes by naming a new field house after its most famous alumnus.’
    • ‘The field house was closed because the All-Army Team was having tryouts.’
  • 2A building usually adjacent to an athletic field and equipped with changing rooms, lockers, showers, etc., for those using the athletic facility.

    ‘the Panthers emerged from their field house to begin an early morning practice’
    • ‘It also paid $292,700 to the company for replacement of the field house in Myrtle Park.’
    • ‘Marrone made the decision to sit Manuel early into practice after the quarterback showed difficulty with his mobility inside the field house.’
    • ‘Can't you just run around the field house perimeter?’
    • ‘When he's through, he sits on a bench as the weak light filters through the old field house windows.’
    • ‘The kids were coming home by bus, and I was to meet them at the field house.’
    • ‘True, it is not the easiest monument to find: a modest stele just north of the field house in Tompkins Square Park.’
    • ‘Throughout most of training camp, Flynn left the field house in Napa each day with a bag of ice wrapped around his right elbow.’
    • ‘It is a classic Moses park - ball fields, basketball courts, a red-brick field house - designed by Gilmore Clarke, the landscape architect of the Westchester parkways.’
    • ‘But to help prepare players for Sunday's cold in Green Bay, the Vikings opened the giant sliding garage doors on their field house to let the freeze in.’
    • ‘Linebacker Maiava departed the field house after practice on crutches, with his left foot in a walking boot.’


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