Definition of field hand in US English:

field hand


  • A person employed as a farm laborer.

    • ‘A sharecropping arrangement featured the field hand living in the work camp and working for a minimum wage with a bonus superimposed at the time of harvest.’
    • ‘Out in the plantations Dawson saw the field hands working, planting crops to be harvested in the summer.’
    • ‘And the cancer risk does not just affect consumers; it also imperils tens of thousands of farmers, field hands, and migrant laborers.’
    • ‘Actually, by tradition Filipinas have been in charge not only of children but of family funds as well, even while functioning as field hands and small-item vendors or barterers.’
    • ‘Some found ready but low-paying employment as Pacific Coast migratory field hands and cannery workers.’
    • ‘Distinctions were made between field hands, dominated by recent arrivals from Africa, and house slaves and craftsmen, often selected from the creole, or island-born, slave population.’
    • ‘Often disguised as a field hand or poor farm wife, she led several spy missions herself, while directing others from Union lines.’
    • ‘The Union Leagues armed themselves, escorting field hands to the polls and punishing white employers who continued to use the whip as an instrument of labour discipline.’
    • ‘There was labour-related accounting being done; the intricate bonus system depended upon turnout statistics of individual field hands.’
    • ‘Brisbane eventually sold his field hands as an act of divestiture for the sake of conscience, which only exacerbated animosity as it pricked the consciences of other slaveholders.’
    • ‘Many Afro-Brazilians work as field hands on ranches and large plantations.’
    • ‘In late 1926, African workers fled from their positions as field hands on Portuguese-run maize farms in the central Mozambican districts of Manica and Chimoio.’
    • ‘She worked picking cotton, being a field hand, and then at Melrose Plantation moved from doing the laundry to cook and nanny for the Henry children.’
    • ‘Wage rates per month in 1894 at Laupahoehoe Plantation were $14 per month for Asian and $16 for Portuguese field hands.’
    • ‘While there is a connection via name, that's about it for this tired tale of witch doctors, plantation ownership, zombie field hands, and forbidden thrill kill cults.’
    • ‘This group included working mothers, copy editors, loggers, divorcées, construction workers, cashiers, field hands, bank clerks, tailors.’
    • ‘Other resonant images are created by mobile scenic contraptions that represent a row of field hands stooping to pick crops and a towering factory loom.’
    • ‘Tubman was born into slavery on a Maryland plantation, and she labored as a field hand and house servant until 1849, when she escaped to freedom in the North.’
    • ‘In the 1850s, able field hands brought $1,500; skilled artisans $3,000.’
    • ‘One local farmer tells me he gets his field hands from El Salvador - though I know this guest worker programme ended more than 20 years ago.’
    worker, factory worker, manual worker, unskilled worker, blue-collar worker, workman, workwoman, workperson, working man, labourer, operative, hired hand, hireling, roustabout, employee, artisan
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field hand

/ˈfēl(d) ˈˌhand//ˈfil(d) ˈˌhænd/