Definition of field glasses in US English:

field glasses

plural noun

  • Binoculars for outdoor use.

    • ‘Lifting his field glasses, he saw Jackson's men being forced back by General Mansfield.’
    • ‘They both scrambled out of the car, and Davis took a pair of field glasses, and looked off in the distance.’
    • ‘The more you spend up front, however, the less likely your field glasses, rifle scope or spotting scope ever will see the post office, and the less time there the better.’
    • ‘Machine guns bristled from strategic sightline points, and two soldiers peered down through field glasses at us as we sipped Pepsis in plastic chairs.’
    • ‘Imperceptably he lifts the field glasses to his eyes before passing them over to me in one smooth motion.’
    • ‘The riders then departed and Kemp sat watching from a distance with field glasses.’
    • ‘And if you let the field glasses stray down the paddock, you might have picked out a sweaty puffing committee-load of labour movement activists clutching at various limbs and ligaments.’
    • ‘When the battery on the laser range finder unexpectedly expires, will the leader use that compass, map, and field glasses with reticle (another simple analog device) and adjust artillery fire?’
    • ‘While away from his aircraft, the Mexican soldiers stole field glasses, goggles, ammunition and anything else not attached to the aircraft.’
    • ‘Through field glasses we could see a solitary sheep standing mournfully on a slippery rock ledge right in the middle of the fall, imprisoned by solid walls of water.’
    • ‘He observed this event through large field glasses.’
    • ‘For all that, though, I'm seeing what I can, from the car and, with field glasses, from the windows.’
    • ‘I climbed to the top of the center building with my field glasses.’
    • ‘Maps and field glasses were more commonly used and most troops got paid on a regular basis.’
    • ‘She looked through the field glasses and sighed.’
    • ‘He worked with Leica field glasses with a 15 x 50 wide angle and put the tape recorder on top of his glasses.’
    • ‘She then threw her field glasses at him, explaining why Aziz had them in his possession.’
    • ‘An unnerving scramble ensues to grab cameras and field glasses and evacuate the vehicle.’
    • ‘He grabbed his field glasses but was unable to detect a cupola on the craft.’
    • ‘Grimacing, I dropped the field glasses down, letting them swing from the dark grey string that held them around my neck.’


field glasses

/ˈfil(d) ˈˌɡlæsəz//ˈfēl(d) ˈˌɡlasəz/