Definition of field emission in US English:

field emission


  • The emission of electrons from the surface of a conductor under the influence of a strong electrostatic field, as a result of the tunnel effect.

    • ‘Additionally, unlike many nanoscale experiments in field emission, the device does not need to be cryogenically cooled.’
    • ‘Industrial and university researchers around the world are now developing new devices using the nanotubes, such as field emission flat panel displays, high-strength composites and high energy-density batteries.’
    • ‘Just when you thought field emission displays were dead as disco, they come dancing back on stage on the small, spindly legs of carbon nanotubes.’
    • ‘The field emission microscope provided unparalleled images of atomic structure.’
    • ‘The cold field emission microscope is connected to an x-ray analyzer that determines the chemical and physical structures of the plants, pests, biocontrol organisms, and pesticides.’