Definition of field day in US English:

field day


  • 1Military
    A review or an exercise, especially in maneuvering.

    • ‘Saturday was the field day, when all the companies met, and were trained together.’
    • ‘In the Navy, "field day" refers to a thorough cleaning of the ship's spaces.’
    • ‘We have had field day attendees representing almost every branch of the Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.’
    inspection, parade, display, demonstration, tattoo, array, muster, procession
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  • 2North American A day devoted to athletic contests or other sporting events, typically at a school.

    • ‘One of the highlights of the field day is a team event called It's A Knockout, based on the theme of the TV series of the same name.’
    • ‘All the usual attractions will be there and, after a long absence at field days, there will be a tug of war competition with many local pubs entering a team.’
    • ‘Anyone out there planning holidays, field days, etc. is asked to note that the Griece Valley festival will be held on June 2, 3 and 4.’
    • ‘Also Maoris like coming together to tournaments or field days to be with other Maori and word gets round when people come back and tell their friends that they had a good time at such and such a place, and other people are attracted.’
    • ‘Well done to St Conleths & Mary's school on their recent field day and raffle which was held in the school grounds.’
    • ‘Each year, the band holds field days and also takes part in the May Sunday three-day festival and holds an annual flag day around Carlow town.’
    • ‘Sarah came home one day to tell her father she had competed in field day, a day devoted to athletic competition.’
    • ‘The scout's parents arrived on the final day to cheer on the scouts during their field day, and to watch the skits around the campfire.’
    • ‘Kildare performing arts group display their talents at events such as field days and festivals.’
    • ‘St.Laurences hold their upcoming field day in Oldgrange on Sunday June 29.’
    • ‘It is envisaged that the facility will be utilised in a structured way by local residents for community events such as sports days and field days.’
    • ‘Put up a cork/bulletin board for the kids to hang ribbons and medals from field days, school spirit events and competitions.’
    • ‘The next event planned for the fundraising is a field day in early June.’
    • ‘Park Rangers soccer club thank all who supported their field day last month.’
    • ‘Due to the adverse weather conditions, the club was forced to cancel its annual field day, planned for the Mardi Gras weekend.’
    • ‘It promises to be fun and games in Bennekerry this Sunday, as the local national school hosts its first field day.’
    • ‘I have been involved in the organisation of various field days, regattas, castle concerts and festivals over the years.’
    • ‘There will be the usual field day events such as bottle stall, wheel of fortune, goldfish, throw the dice, book stall etc. etc.’
    • ‘My wife is quite worn from her field day activities, so I suggested letting me get pizza and a few videos.’
    • ‘Ballylinan Community Council will hold their field day this year on June 18 starting at 2.30 pm in Ballylinan GAA grounds.’
  • 3in singular An opportunity for action, success, or excitement, especially at the expense of others.

    ‘shoplifters are having a field day in the store’
    • ‘The first problem with these practices is that capitalists are having a field day at our expense.’
    • ‘Journalists are having a field day with arguments ranging from the fact that football has lost its soul (it had long before Glazer entered the frame) to hyping up a fan revolt.’
    • ‘But the media also had a field day writing about your break up!’
    • ‘The only sour note during a fortnight of success came when the tabloids had a field day over Sam's withdrawal from the Dunhill Links Championship.’
    • ‘They did sing a few numbers but it was towards the end when many were feeling ‘ugh’ over the two-hour delay in starting the programme and mosquitoes were having a field day.’
    • ‘The parliamentary sketch writers had a field day.’
    • ‘Newspapers in particular have had a field day pillorying the train companies because their vehicles slip and slide on the track making them late every ‘leaf-fall season’.’
    • ‘Through these illegal points, we have had criminals having a field day, smugglers pushing banned substances and in the end we have not been taking stock of people moving between the two countries.’
    • ‘Amidst this tragedy, comedians still had a field day.’
    • ‘No laughing matter, for sure, but late-night comedians have been having a field day, with politics as a punching bag.’
    • ‘Saturday Night Live is having a field day with the torture scandal.’
    • ‘Alas, the sceptics are having a field day with the proposed ‘multi-service unit’ which the council has in mind for Coach Street.’
    • ‘But the press, who love nothing better than seeing one of these kids they helped build up stumble, had a field day.’
    • ‘If psychologists had a field day with the managers' pre-match mind games, sociologists can claim an interest in analysing the action itself.’
    • ‘Not to mention the foreign press, which had a field day.’
    • ‘For the past three years the provincial government has had a field day picking on education in Toronto, forcing large cuts in programs and the closure of more than a dozen schools in the public and Catholic systems.’
    • ‘The Australian media had a field day with the Springboks over the last few years and frankly, we did not do much else than feed them all the ammo they needed to do so.’
    • ‘Currently the peaceniks are having a field day howling about American use of land mines, cluster bombs, and depleted uranium shells.’
    • ‘I spent an entire day, nearly 12 hours, because of inept vandals, who as it turns out had a field day in this garage.’
    • ‘The scribes had a field day, prematurely writing his epitaph and the Pharisees laughed away any possibility of a resurrection.’
    chance, lucky chance, good time, golden opportunity, time, occasion, moment, favourable moment, favourable occasion, favourable time, right set of circumstances, appropriate moment, appropriate occasion, appropriate time, suitable moment, suitable occasion, suitable time, opportune moment, opportune occasion, opportune time, opening, option, window, window of opportunity, slot, turn, go, run, clear run
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  • 4A day set aside for the display of agricultural machinery and crops, especially corn and soybeans.

    • ‘In the last several weeks, 1,422 farmers attended crop demonstrations and 98 participated in agricultural training programs and field days.’
    • ‘All roads will lead to Ardattin this Sunday, July 16, as the village once again hosts its annual field day.’
    • ‘Well Bruce Haig is a diplomat no longer, in fact he's a farmer, and he joins me from Gunnedah in New South Wales where he's actually attending an agricultural field day.’
    • ‘The institute also organises field days, short term seminars and workshops for local farmers to enable them to improve their farming skills.’
    • ‘Each state had extension personnel actively working with farmers on precision farming issues and held field days when precision farming information was presented to farmers.’
    • ‘Edward Kunda who owns a farm in Teta, made the appeal yesterday during a field day held at his farm and was also attended by Serenje member of Parliament Ackimson Banda.’
    • ‘The little town of Henty, in southern New South Wales, is a small unassuming place that traditionally holds one of the country's biggest agricultural field days.’
    • ‘Forty field days will be held, and a total of approximately 1,300 farmers are expected to attend.’
    • ‘He pledged his organisation's commitment to intensifying the engagement of small scale farmers in carrying out demonstrations and field days aimed at highlighting the latest technologies in the agriculture sector.’
    • ‘The number of field days available in period 5 was not related to the number of field days in any previous period for any tillage system or soil type.’
    • ‘The Department of Agriculture told growers at its annual field day last week of the potential to produce high oil producing crops for use in biodiesel production.’
    • ‘We have indicated that we will begin field days from September, where we will look at each lot and put stakes.’
    • ‘Farmer training programs, including crop demonstrations, field days, and training by extension agents, build rural capacity and enhance productivity and quality of produce.’
    • ‘Teagasc intend to run a number of field days on different aspects of farm forestry in the country during the year.’
    • ‘The model also reveals that it is optimal for the farmer to hire a custom hauler to assist in application of manure in an effort to reduce the degree to which available field days constrain farming activities and land application of manure.’
    • ‘Pennsylvania field day demystifies the inspection process by giving farmers a first-hand look.’
    • ‘They have presented workshops a number of times at conferences over the years, and have conducted field days at their farm, attended by other local growers.’
    • ‘Are there other steps that the MN NRCS has taken or plans to take, such as staff training, field days, etc. focused on organic agriculture?’
    • ‘During the first two weeks of December, DNR conducted demonstration field days throughout the province.’
    • ‘That's a question retail dealerships and seed companies typically pose to growers during those tried and true winter meetings, field days, and direct mailings.’


field day

/ˈfēl(d) ˈˌdā//ˈfil(d) ˈˌdeɪ/