Definition of field cricket in US English:

field cricket


  • A European cricket that lives in a burrow in grassland and has a musical birdlike chirp.

    Family Gryllidae, numerous species

    • ‘Now fat, brown field crickets are making night music, strumming their forewings like violins in hope of attracting a mate.’
    • ‘The field cricket, Gryllus sp. has a relatively large body, with chewing mouthparts for feeding primarily on vegetation.’
    • ‘But we did capture and identify countless leafhoppers, field crickets, earwigs and cabbage butterflies.’
    • ‘In field crickets, recently defeated males have a higher than expected probability of losing subsequent fights.’
    • ‘We experimentally investigated the effect of food availability on body condition, calling behavior, and sexual attractiveness of male field crickets, Gryllus campestris, under natural conditions.’
    • ‘If the song of the autumn field cricket suddenly becomes louder, more rapid, and higher pitched, he's located a lady and is calling to her.’
    • ‘To approximate natural food sources of S. invicta, adult field crickets, killed by freezing, were used as the principal source of food.’
    • ‘In the study, female field crickets that mated only with siblings hatched significantly fewer eggs than females who mated with non-relatives, which is what the researchers had expected.’
    • ‘Male field crickets on the Hawaiian island of Kauai have given up singing in order to survive.’
    • ‘For example, the sand field cricket and the southeastern field cricket look nearly identical and inhabit the same geographical areas.’
    • ‘Despite these disadvantages, by 2003 the field cricket population was thriving again - even though 90 percent of the males had lost the ability to solicit mates.’
    • ‘Here I experimentally manipulate the courtship interactions of the field crickets Gryllus rubens and G. texensis to examine the potential of close-range courtship interactions to limit interspecific gene flow.’
    • ‘Until adulthood, spiders were fed ad libitum with laboratory reared field crickets, Gryllus bimaculatus.’
    • ‘Other species will follow shortly, including the Polynesian tree snail, the Fregate island beetle, which is considered critically endangered, and the British field cricket, of which fewer than 100 remain in the wild.’
    • ‘In field crickets, an increased number of partners resulted in increased hatching success.’
    • ‘In an era that preceded air conditioning they took refuge at night on the enclosed sleeping porch at the front of the house, perfecting their storytelling skills and nodding off amidst the din of field crickets.’
    • ‘Male Mediterranean field crickets, Gryllus bimaculatus, fight over and defend territorial shelters and attract females by calling.’
    • ‘Although cave crickets might look similar to the field cricket, they are from a different family.’
    • ‘Both female field crickets and the larviparous parasitoid flies Ormia ochracea (Diptera, Tachinidae, Ormiini) rely on acoustic cues to detect and find singing male crickets.’
    • ‘Teleogryllus oceanicus is an Australian field cricket that has been introduced into Hawaii, where it is parasitized by the New World tachinid fly Ormia ochracea, also introduced into Hawaii.’