Definition of field-grade officer in US English:

field-grade officer


  • A major, lieutenant colonel, or colonel.

    • ‘By placing a field-grade officer in command of a squadron, we can also send a message that the move to field grade starts the transition from the tactical to the operational level of command.’
    • ‘That's quite a mouthful, but what does it mean to commanders and field-grade officers?’
    • ‘Many, because, as senior figures, they had served as junior officers, or field-grade officers, in Indo-China.’
    • ‘Stilwell knew China better than any field-grade officer in the US Army, and spoke Chinese fluently.’
    • ‘Thoughts on how field-grade officers can prepare themselves to conduct media interviews in today's environment are shared.’
    • ‘With regard to field-grade officers, we must reinforce this pattern.’
    • ‘While this is a new concept at CGSC, the Army has used this OER for nearly 6 years, so field-grade officers attending the ILE course probably have been exposed to this skill set many times before they arrive at CGSC.’
    • ‘That focus most obviously includes flag to field-grade officers and just a few senior captains.’
    • ‘Slaveholding officers who came of age in the 1850s were the ‘emotional core’ of Lee's army (the median age of his field-grade officers was thirty-one).’
    • ‘Institutional training, from noncommissioned officer to field-grade officer levels, will need to incorporate the roles of the respective levels in using modularity.’
    • ‘Kaplan also stresses the vital roles military officers, particularly junior and field-grade officers, play.’
    • ‘If there were 100,000 DOMPA-controlled officers in the Army, approximately 33 percent of them could be field-grade officers.’
    • ‘It's the US term for a compendium of authoritative tactical and operational concepts intended for use especially by junior and field-grade officers.’
    • ‘His comments were the first by so senior an officer to publicly acknowledge what many company and field-grade officers have been saying for several years.’’
    • ‘Repetitive call-ups have developed them into fully competent citizen-soldiers, at least to field-grade officers and NCOs.’
    • ‘Senior officers were generally more expectant of change than junior and field-grade officers.’
    • ‘Senior service colleges prepare selected senior field-grade officers for the highest command and staff positions.’
    • ‘Brendler and I thought the Signal company commander, being a field-grade officer, would have field grade UCMJ authority.’
    • ‘Recent research has shown that a majority of Army field-grade officers have accepted the necessity for ‘radical change in their approach to warfare,’ implying that they must gain new expert knowledge and expertise.’
    • ‘Lieutenants in Gulf War I are now field-grade officers; colonels are now 3- and 4-star generals; most soldiers who fought in Gulf War I are no longer on active duty.’