Definition of fictitiously in US English:



  • See fictitious

    • ‘Petrov, who was the commander of a flight in which 500 large packages of cigarettes were fictitiously exported to Greece, was charged with smuggling and held in custody.’
    • ‘Now well into its second season, Spooks has managed to attract the kind of attention that is usually reserved for the real life events that it fictitiously depicts.’
    • ‘And there's even evidence that some of them have gotten a degree and then gone to their employer and had their employer pay them back for tuition that they've spent, again, fictitiously.’
    • ‘In the early 1940s the Ellises rented a house on Donahue Drive owned by a prominent family fictitiously identified by the author as the ‘Cowarts.’’
    • ‘As for the charge that certain events were either exaggerated or fictitiously fleshed out, I have only one thing to say: If you want the complete story, read a book.’