Definition of fictionality in US English:



  • See fictional

    • ‘By attempting to embody that fictionality, Woolf's ‘A Tale Told by Moonlight’ thickens the silvery self-image that Peter Walsh encounters in the metropolitan world of Mrs Dalloway.’
    • ‘I like to think that I've plotted it in such a way that though the idea came from personal experience, that I've moved it away into a realm of obvious fictionality.’
    • ‘Like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the South American writer with whom she is being lavishly compared by her rather over-enthusiastic publishers, Enright is interested in the fictionality of history.’
    • ‘This may be a world of fact but it is a world of fact dragged into the limbo of fictionality.’
    • ‘It limits the damage done by a story by forcing its audience to realize its fictionality at almost every moment.’