Definition of fichu in US English:



  • A small triangular shawl, worn around a woman's shoulders and neck.

    • ‘Annette was dreading it profusely, reluctantly putting on her fichu and allowing Garnier to help her into a waiting carriage.’
    • ‘Originally the neckline had shown her chest, but now a thin fichu tried its best to cover the raw marks on her delicate skin.’
    • ‘The canvas in which the woman, wearing a pink dress and greenish fichu, is set against flowered wallpaper (private collection, Fig.13) was made explicitly as a gift for Gauguin.’
    • ‘In Chloridia, designs for the Queen as Chloris reveal the breasts so completely that one assumes that they must have been at least partly covered by some kind of fichu.’


Mid 18th century: from French, from ficher ‘to fix, pin’.