Definition of fibrolite in US English:



  • another term for sillimanite
    • ‘The mineral assemblage is quartz + plagioclase + K-feldspar + biotite + cordierite + andalusite fibrolite.’
    • ‘Mesosomes are invariably associated with a leucosome component and are composed of biotite accompanied by fibrolite, minor quartz, plagioclase and retrograde muscovite and chlorite.’
    • ‘In sample 17, development of the S-C fabric was postdated by growth of late garnet and fibrolite.’
    • ‘The new arrivals include the ‘golden felspar’, natural glass and fibrolite from Tanzania.’
    • ‘Sillimanite, which occurs both as fibrolite and as prismatic grains, grows across the L-S fabric in part defined by biotite, and is clearly post-kinematic with respect to the type - 1 tectonites.’