Definition of fibrinous in US English:



  • See fibrin

    • ‘He later presented with cardiomyopathy with severe aortic insufficiency due to the destruction of the aortic valve prosthesis by sterile fibrinous vegetation.’
    • ‘Upon review of the slides, we observed a fragment of bladder mucosa with dilated vascular spaces, hemorrhage, acute inflammation, fibrinous exudate, and focal fibrosis in the lamina propria.’
    • ‘During a period of hours, the gauze dries on the wound bed and adheres to the range of tissues in it, including beefy red granulation tissue, yellow fibrinous tissue, or black necrotic tissue.’
    • ‘Because the heart is constricted by fluid or a rigid fibrinous or calcified pericardium, negative intrathoracic pressure during inspiration is not transmitted to the pericardial sac.’
    • ‘This progressive process involves alterations in fibrin turnover, which leads to the formation of fibrinous deposits and membranes with sequestration of infected fluid.’