Definition of fiber optics in US English:

fiber optics

plural noun

  • 1treated as singular The use of thin flexible fibers of glass or other transparent solids to transmit light signals, chiefly for telecommunications or for internal examination of the body.

    • ‘With the crash of the telecom sector, its investments in fibre optics capacity and other telecommunications ventures turned out to have been very expensive.’
    • ‘According to Davin, Cynosure is under FDA review for a laser treatment for glaucoma and has received FDA clearance for laser technology paired with fiber optics for the treatment of recurrent respiratory papilloma.’
    • ‘We've got the internet, secure phones, teleconferencing, fiber optics, etc.’
    • ‘He also made significant advances in radio imaging, secret signalling, fibre optics, infra-red scanning and facsimile transmission.’
    • ‘There was a South Seas shipping boom, a railroad boom, an automobile boom, a personal computer boom, a fiber optics boom, a cell phone boom and an Internet boom.’
    • ‘Even before the breakthroughs that made long-distance fiber optics practical, aerospace engineers were trying to use photonic systems.’
    • ‘These will range from fiber optics to remote sensing to astronomy, and I hope you will find the opportunity to attend at least some of these very interesting events.’
    • ‘By the 1990s, satellite transmissions, cable television, digital facsimiles, fiber optics, and the Internet put the vast majority of Americans within reach of a global network of technological systems.’
    • ‘This service, which became InterTech, uses VSAT technology and fiber optics to deliver HSD services to customers.’
    • ‘For us it is particularly ironic that Greenspan discusses the guts of the new economy - fibre optics, telecoms, and other aspects of Internet infrastructure - in classic cyclical Old Economy terms.’
    • ‘However, many of these ISPs are expected to fall by the wayside as the sector changes to accommodate new connectivity solutions such as DSL, cable, fibre optics, radio and satellite systems.’
    • ‘Sixteen faculty members in the department of applied optics are involved in research areas that include fiber optics, astronomy, lens design, optical metrology, and biomedical optics.’
    • ‘In addition, the Telephone Organization of Thailand has entered into joint ventures for mobile phones, fibre optics, communication networks, and pagers.’
    • ‘The third technology that drives our business is fiber optics.’
    • ‘Broadband is delivered through fiber optics, cable, telephone lines and fixed wireless technologies.’
    • ‘After returning from a sales trip our VP reported that WE was experimenting with some new technology called fiber optics - cables made of sand as our VP characterized it.’
    • ‘Marconi (LSE: MONI) ditched its ageing engineering businesses to finance a drive into the higher margin telecom and fibre optics arena.’
    • ‘Alcatel is divided in five business segments, comprising networking, the Internet and fiber optics, the enterprise and consumer sectors, telecoms components and energy.’
    • ‘HRL has a track record in fields such as holography and lasers, atomic clocks, silicon crystals, fibre optics and wireless.’
    • ‘I mean, rather, that the attacks of September 11 were not the result of recent advances in fiber optics or information technology; it has been possible to use an airplane to hit a large building for the better part of a century.’
    1. 1.1treated as plural The fibers and associated devices so used.
      • ‘Because fiber optics are so flexible and can transmit and receive light, they are used in many flexible digital cameras for the following purposes.’
      • ‘There's less scattering than with fiber optics, where the light interacts with the material it moves through.’
      • ‘Those proteins act like fiber optics, allowing light to pass through the lens and onto the retina.’
      • ‘People at Corning know the legendary story of the company's first dramatic innovation, which involved railroad signal lanterns, a primitive form of communication using glass and light that foreshadowed fiber optics.’
      • ‘The foglamps are made up of a series of light emitting diodes, while the rear lights use filters lit by fibre optics to create multiple combinations.’
      • ‘Today, laser telecommunication via fiber optics is essential to our cellular telephone, computer, and television-dependent society.’
      • ‘Using light delivered through fiber optics rather than traditional headlamps, in conjunction with computer intelligence, light distribution can be tailored to road speeds.’
      • ‘Light from the perimeter fiber optics pass to a variety of filters.’
      • ‘The answer was to transmit data with light, using fiber optics.’
      • ‘They use fibre optics to shine light into the body.’
      • ‘A team of U.S. and Israeli researchers that recently studied several Euplectella species says the primitive creatures' fibers might serve as a model for improved telecommunications fiber optics.’
      • ‘Through the use of two-way, interactive, full-motion compressed video transmitted through fiber optics, classrooms can now be laboratories with access to the world!’
      • ‘This spectacular crystal sculpture incorporates 157 cylinders of crystal that are lit by fibre optics.’
      • ‘A lab researcher came up with the idea of excimer laser surgery, combining the laser's near-ultraviolet light with fiber optics.’
      • ‘Taiwan must do more to safeguard telecommunications, fiber optics, energy supplies and major transportation arteries, and should consider allowing private agencies to assist in national defense, he said.’


fiber optics

/ˈfībər ˈäptiks/