Definition of feudalistic in US English:



  • See feudalism

    • ‘Jackson wrote many of her greatest stories in the 1950s, but they have an earlier feel, often set in villages with rigid, feudalistic social patterns.’
    • ‘Outside of Europe, the dominant forces outside France, in particular, were the feudalistic governments of the Hapsburgs and people like that.’
    • ‘Since men from feudalistic societies tended to be unaccustomed to using their own initiative and there were political objections to giving them too much liberty, the success of these experiments varied considerably.’
    • ‘By the way there are no unions in my state, feudalistic economic policies have shut them out.’
    • ‘Anyone who works at a law firm will certainly agree that it's a very feudalistic place, and they let you know right away that you are a serf and there is no hiding it.’