Definition of feudalist in US English:



  • See feudalism

    • ‘In lieu of political support to a regime, whether military or quasi-democratic, feudalists exact favours through ministerial positions, loans and property allocations.’
    • ‘The last time this happened, the feudalists took over a monarchy and then North America.’
    • ‘Poundbury is made up of little houses for little people, living in their place and lorded over by a benevolent monarch with a number of castles and palaces to call home; a feudalist's dream.’
    • ‘In fact, he is an old-right feudalist, a man who longs for a world where everybody knows ‘their place’ under Nature and nobody is troubled by ‘dangerous ideas like progress’ and science.’
    • ‘There are three power centres in Pakistan: the feudalists and the elite with their money; the army with the guns and the ulema with its jehadi army and the claim to be ‘protectors of Islam’.’