Definition of fettler in US English:



  • 1British A person who does repair or maintenance work on a railroad.

    • ‘Ned Kelly compelled some fettlers to remove rails from the rail track, because they were expecting a train with a number of police.’
    • ‘The contracts were first offered to engineers and salaried staff with RSA, but are now being extend to all employees within the organisation including base grade fettlers.’
    • ‘As one of 8 surviving children of a railway fettler, will I have more than 37.5% of the nation as fellow travellers in the future?’
    • ‘He qualified and worked as a pharmacist before embarking on a wandering tour of northern Australia, working as pearl diver, stockman, miner, and railway fettler - experiences which informed all his future writing.’
  • 2A person who fettles metal castings or pottery.

    • ‘The heated billets (short lengths of red hot steel) shoot out of the reheating furnace and are caught by the fettlers, men equipped with large pincers, and fed manually into the mill roll.’
    • ‘The injured fettler had received little training in the use of power presses.’