Definition of feticide in US English:


(British foeticide)


  • Destruction or abortion of a fetus.

    • ‘First, laws treating feticide as murder do not need to define fetuses as persons.’
    • ‘This has prompted voluntary agencies like the Kottayam-based Kerala Voluntary Health Services to promote a campaign against female foeticide.’
    • ‘Female foeticide is for those who can afford a clandestine ultrasound scan and illegal abortion.’
    • ‘A few prominent Jewish ethicists and halakhic experts dissent, seeing embryo destruction as potentially a prohibited form of feticide.’
    • ‘Even before birth, the body may be killed through induced abortion and other types of feticide, such as stabbing the fetus in the womb.’
    • ‘Son preference, sex selection, female foeticide, whatever we want to call it, is a damning indictment of India in the 21st Century.’
    • ‘With recent census figures showing an increase in the number of girls being sacrificed for the sake of a son, the problem of female foeticide is one that continues to haunt Indian society.’
    • ‘Experts think that the most important of these is female infanticide and foeticide which are practiced in our country.’
    • ‘In Gujarat, too, all kinds of violence, including foeticide, has increased.’
    • ‘Female foeticide and infanticide have become major areas of concern.’
    • ‘To make readers aware of the consequences of female foeticide, we fast forwarded to 2020.’
    • ‘But he made no promise to do something special to root out the practice of female foeticide.’
    • ‘The deep-seated bias in India against the girl child with the availability of the most modern scientific technique to determine the sex of the foetus has resulted in large-scale female foeticide.’
    • ‘Female foeticide is one of the primary causes of the decline in child sex ratio.’
    • ‘In places where female infanticide was a customary practice, female foeticide has come in as a deadly substitute that is more convenient, less traumatic and equally effective.’
    • ‘In India too, with the strong son preference, female foeticide is on the increase.’
    • ‘Support the Indian Medical Association in condemning the practice of female feticide and circulate national medical associations with a statement on the issue.’
    • ‘In June, at a workshop on female foeticide in Bangalore, I learned first-hand of certain techniques of contemporary journalism.’
    • ‘The sudden fall in the number of girls in the youngest age group is believed to be proof of the increased incidence of sex selective abortions - or female foeticide.’
    • ‘The ethical debate that underlies the legal and medical practice of female foeticide as practised in clinics is mockingly addressed in the family planning initiatives that have ironically triggered it.’
    termination, miscarriage
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