Definition of festivity in English:



  • 1The celebration of something in a joyful and exuberant way.

    ‘the season of festivity and goodwill’
    • ‘Beyond the night itself they have made tremendous efforts to maintain a sense of festivity with their Winter Festival programmes of mulled wine and international market stalls.’
    • ‘The New Year celebrations go on for longer, meaning that Scots tend to think of the period as a single time of celebration and festivity.’
    • ‘This most important fundraising event in aid of the Helvick Head Lifeboat, has become a day of festivity and celebration for people of all ages, and was recently featured in the TG4 TV programme Abair Amhran.’
    • ‘It is planned over a period of 6 months, and culminates in weekend of celebration and splendid festivity.’
    • ‘The annual Killybegs Festival was an extravaganza of display and festivity to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Killybegs Fishermen's Organisation.’
    • ‘For the harvester living and working where the land is not that fertile, ‘there is a feeling of festivity at the start of every harvest season’.’
    • ‘Even though the appearance put in by the celebrity was all too brief (her name did not figure in the invitation card), the dose of glamour proved to be just the kind of kick start desired by the organisers, in this season of festivity.’
    • ‘This year I'm getting three times as much festivity by celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, US Thanksgiving and Christmas.’
    • ‘This occasion is celebrated with much festivity - dancing, eating, and drinking.’
    • ‘The newspaper warned its readers not ‘to wink at such excesses, merely because they occur at a season of festivity.’’
    • ‘The treasure of the piece has to be Donner and Blitzen, an archetypal Christmas track complete with sleighbells; full of enough good will to summon up the spirit of festivity in May.’
    • ‘It defies the cold grip of the season by indulging in festivity.’
    • ‘Carnival, an important festival that precedes Lent, is celebrated with much festivity.’
    • ‘In an age when every moment of festivity is celebrated only by being swallowed by the endless advertising of Multi-National Corporations, it's easy to forget what life truly is about.’
    • ‘Come December and the shops get ready for the season and an air of festivity is all around.’
    • ‘The festivity of the season brought joy to Sheenara.’
    • ‘The bunting still flying after the Tinnahinch v Castletown for the county final gave the village an atmosphere of festivity with plenty to celebrate.’
    • ‘It is the season for festivity, and Carnatica has learnt from past experience that many youngsters are keen to devote time to learn a song that can come in handy for a community performance.’
    • ‘Over the years, other temples in the city too have begun celebrating Pongala in varying degrees of festivity and all of them have turned out to be occasions exclusively for women.’
    • ‘At our Queen's golden jubilee nothing was done; no decorations or any public festivity by the council to celebrate what was a great achievement.’
    jollity, jolliness, merriment, gaiety, cheerfulness, cheeriness, cheer, joyfulness, euphoria, jubilance, conviviality, gleefulness, glee, high spirits, jocularity, revelry
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    1. 1.1 A festive celebration.
      ‘she had caught Susan taking a bunch of bouquets at the conclusion of an earlier festivity’
      • ‘The mosque goers will also hear Indonesian Muslim scholar Azyumardi Azra speak during Friday prayers during the festivity, the first Indonesian in 300 years to do so in South Africa, Philander said.’
      • ‘It's one of the city's oldest and best-known zine conventions, a semiannual festivity in Hogtown since poet and indie eminence Stuart Ross molded the first show nearly 20 years ago.’
      • ‘In fact, during the festivity, the whole market will be illuminated for the event.’
      • ‘After almost two years of gasping for anything that seems to work, Washington and London could not wait to begin the festivity on the basis of pure symbolism.’
      • ‘Originally Olympics took the form of a local festivity, designed to provide a forum for friendly competition.’
      • ‘The spirit of the festivity is felt in each devotee in the locality.’
      • ‘Monsters HD-Halloween may be a one-month festivity, but Voom celebrates spooky entertainment with Monsters HD all year around.’
      • ‘Her going to the festivity could have saved her sister's life, but she had been selfish, thinking only of her popularity and of her new friends.’
      • ‘Beginning as a domestic festivity, Ganesha Chaturthi has long since been raised to the status of a public festival.’
      • ‘Many passengers had been preparing for the festivity all day.’
      • ‘The anti-Valentine zealots of Shiv Sena are not just grouching about a harmless festivity.’
      • ‘A son's birth involves a circumcision festivity during which the mother gets presents.’
      • ‘The Carnival in Rio is a festivity that unites enthusiasts of all classes on the streets.’
      • ‘Weddings are an important festivity in the islands and are influenced by Cape Verdeans' African roots.’
      • ‘The championship hosted a Bulgarian festivity marking the 75th birthday of the president of the European Boxing Federation and vice president, Emil Zhechev.’
      • ‘They all dismounted and were taken into a great hall, where a glowing fire already was lit to provide warmth during the night and to give light for the festivity that was about to take place.’
      • ‘On the last evening of the festivity, the deity really appeared to shed tears in anticipation of her imminent departure.’
      • ‘For someone is about to find the Bean in his cake and thereby become King of the festivity.’
      • ‘That all changed when I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a grand festivity sure to be remembered forever in the annals of history.’
      • ‘Everyone seemed to be having a good time, notwithstanding the truncating of the festivity by the customary extra day, Sunday.’
    2. 1.2festivities Activities or events celebrating a special occasion.
      ‘the Chinese New Year is celebrated with a multitude of festivities’
      • ‘Two weeks of festivities are set to begin in Haworth to celebrate a movement to promote fairly traded goods.’
      • ‘Plans are being developed for the inaugural festivities to celebrate the history and spirit of Keighley.’
      • ‘Everyone is invited to attend the event, which is set to get the festivities off to a good start.’
      • ‘The festivities began on Monday last with a morning phairian or religious procession.’
      • ‘Dovercourt was packed on Friday night as shoppers gathered for the annual festivities.’
      • ‘This event brought a week of festivities to a close for the Mayo and Galway groups involved.’
      • ‘The town came alive as hundreds of people joined in the festivities.’
      • ‘Most of the galas, processions and other festivities had been held in pouring rain.’
      • ‘The atmosphere was electric and it was obvious that the crowd were enjoying the festivities.’
      • ‘Carnival festivities will arrive in one town a month earlier than usual, in a bid to involve more people.’
      • ‘Come along and enjoy a good night's dancing and start the Christmas festivities early.’
      • ‘Visit his site for more news about his return and the festivities to welcome him home.’
      • ‘Throughout the year, events and festivities will celebrate the way the sea touches our lives.’
      • ‘To round out the festivities, we sampled the amatriciana sauce on penne noodles.’
      • ‘Five days of festivities helped a couple from Southwick mark 50 years of marriage.’
      • ‘It was a most enjoyable social occasion and the festivities went on throughout the weekend.’
      • ‘The best celebrations mix cultural meaning and reflection in with the festivities.’
      • ‘Three events will provide the focus for the festivities, each presenting its own set of challenges.’
      • ‘The festivities are due to continue on Saturday as the town celebrates its Scuttlebrook Wake.’
      • ‘However, they soon saw things our way, and decided to join in the festivities themselves.’
      celebration, festival, festive event, festive occasion, entertainment, party, jamboree
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Late Middle English: from Old French festivite or Latin festivitas, from festivus ‘festive’, from festum, (plural) festa ‘feast’.