Definition of ferrule in English:



  • 1A ring or cap, typically a metal one, which strengthens the end of a handle, stick, or tube and prevents it from splitting or wearing.

    • ‘Against the geometric shapes of globe and pole, and within the rectangular surface of the arras itself, appears the point, which turns out to be the ferrule of a rod, which turns out to be a fan, which opens into the tail of the bird.’
    • ‘Plungers push glue-filled ferrules onto pencil ends, and others fill them with plugs.’
    • ‘The tips, called ferrules, of lower quality poles will wear off, but a good cross country ski or outdoor shop will have replacement tips in stock or can order them.’
    • ‘A ferrule should be attached to the end of the cue, which the tip attaches to.’
    • ‘It is also the last of a line of pencils featuring a distinctive rectangular ferrule with a unique, replaceable eraser.’
    • ‘There are cue makers, and other experts in cue stick behavior, that have very strong opinions about the pros and cons of various cue stick shafts, ferrules and tips.’
    lid, top, stopper, cork, bung, spile
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    1. 1.1 A metal band strengthening or forming a joint.
      • ‘The ferrule joint includes a ferrule and an element telescopically insertable into the ferrule to frictionally interlock two rod sections.’
      • ‘The other end of the ferrule is connected to the supply pipe to the property.’


Early 17th century: alteration (probably by association with Latin ferrum ‘iron’) of obsolete verrel, from Old French virelle, from Latin viriola, diminutive of viriae ‘bracelets’.