Definition of ferromanganese in US English:



  • An alloy of iron and manganese used in the production of steel.

    • ‘Standard high-carbon ferromanganese, for example, has picked up around $20 to trade at $525 to $535 a tonne in-warehouse in the United States, up from the $510 low hit after several weeks of unabated decline.’
    • ‘During World War I he founded the Southern Manganese Corporation, using electric furnaces to produce ferromanganese for Birmingham's steel industry.’
    • ‘Two possibilities unrelated to Triassic-Jurassic subaerial exposure are: oxidation of a pyritized surface by modern oxidizing ground waters; or the occurrence of a ferromanganese oxide crust.’
    • ‘The most common alloy of manganese is ferromanganese, which contains about 48% manganese, combined with iron and carbon.’
    • ‘Closely related in origin to manganese nodules are the ferromanganese incrustations found on exposed rocks of the mid-ocean ridge, seamounts, and other places in the ocean where bare rock is exposed.’