Definition of ferrimagnetic in US English:



  • (of a substance) displaying a weak form of ferromagnetism associated with parallel but opposite alignment of neighboring atoms. In contrast with antiferromagnetic materials, these alignments do not cancel out and there is a net magnetic moment.

    • ‘In ferrimagnetic substances (a subclass of ferromagnetic materials), this same temperature is referred to as the Curie temperature (T C).’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Kazuhito Hashimoto at the University of Tokyo in Japan has built a reversibly switching molecular magnet that changes from a paramagnetic to a ferrimagnetic state when light is shone on it.’
    • ‘The MS depends on factors such as the concentrations of ferrimagnetic and paramagnetic minerals and the magnetic grain size.’
    • ‘Whereas monoclinic pyrrhotite is ferrimagnetic, the hexagonal variety is antiferromagnetic.’