Definition of ferricyanide in US English:



  • A salt containing the anion Fe(CN)₆³⁻.

    • ‘The ferricyanide test confirmed that the brown colouration of the water extracts was closely associated with tannins.’
    • ‘The intactness of chloroplasts was estimated from the difference in the quantum yield of photosynthetic complex II in the presence and absence of ferricyanide, measured using a PAM2000 Chlorophyll Fluorometer (Walz, Germany).’
    • ‘The latter spectrum was measured after reduction of cyt-c with ascorbic acid, followed by oxidation using ferricyanide.’
    • ‘This can be caused by an unresolved contribution to the spectrum from a small proportion of cells that has higher permeability to ferricyanide ions and, consequently, increased peak-to-peak width.’
    • ‘‘When glucose encounters the enzyme, hydrogen peroxide is produced, which quickly reacts with the ferricyanide to modulate the electronic structure and optical characteristics of the nanotube,’ Strano said.’