Definition of fenestrate in US English:



Botany Zoology
  • Having small perforations or transparent areas.

    • ‘In the present study, we examine and contrast the meshwork geometries of colonies of the biserial fenestellid bryozoans with colonies of the uniserial fenestrate graptolite Dictyonema.’
    • ‘Sometimes an unusual and distinctive fenestrate texture is preserved when the outer surface of the xylem is exposed.’
    • ‘However, comparison of these extant hemichordates with the erect, fenestrate colonies of Dictyonema is problematical.’
    • ‘Unexpectedly primitive features include toothed adsymphysial and intercoronoid fossa with fenestrate floor.’
    • ‘Unlike fenestrate bryozoans, in fenestrate graptolites there is only one row of autozooids per branch.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin fenestratus ‘provided with openings’, from the verb fenestrare.