Definition of fence lizard in US English:

fence lizard


  • A small gray-brown North American spiny lizard that typically has bright markings and often basks on rail fences, logs, and tree stumps.

    Sceloporus undulatus, family Iguanidae

    • ‘In fairness, they are absolutely beautiful, but fence lizards make just as cool pets and they are free if you're quick.’
    • ‘Species studied have ranged from mosquitoes to butterflies, from fish to frogs, from tiny fence lizards to giant land iguanas in Galapagos, from hummingbirds to ostriches, from mice to elephants.’
    • ‘In fact, University of California, Berkeley, entomologist Robert Lane credits alligator and western fence lizards with reducing Lyme disease in the western United States.’
    • ‘We are using comparative proteomics to identify candidate proteins that change with environmental conditions in zebrafish Danio rerio and fence lizard Sceloporus undulcttus.’
    • ‘Uncharacteristically for most squamates, the Eastern fence lizard (S. undulatus) exhibits a Bergmann size cline over its geographic range.’