Definition of fence-mending in English:



  • The action of making peace with a person or group.

    ‘the two countries have some fence-mending to do’
    as modifier ‘he hopes that a fence-mending trip will bring the hostilities to an end’
    • ‘The foreign minister's words sparked fierce criticism from opposition parties, which have demanded he make fence-mending moves and that he step down.’
    • ‘It's the latest fence-mending session following the midterm elections.’
    • ‘Apparently the fence-mending has now ended, at least as far as city workers are concerned.’
    • ‘He will be facing an anxious few days of fence-mending with his own team to regain their trust and confidence.’
    • ‘He took the first in a series of fence-mending measures by inviting disgruntled backbenchers to participate in designing Labour's re-election strategy.’
    • ‘But there was considerable fence-mending among important Democratic constituency groups.’
    • ‘So perhaps in a matter of days this thing might get patched up, but at this point there is some fence-mending to do between these two campaigns.’
    • ‘He said that this is not going to be a fence-mending mission to Europe.’
    • ‘The two nations resumed the stalled military exchanges only after a fence-mending agreement between their leaders in October 2002.’
    • ‘His political fence-mending goes on all the time and he has worked hard to solidify his base.’
    restoration of friendly relations, restoration of harmony, agreement, compromise, understanding, peace, an end to hostilities, amity, concord
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