Definition of feijoada in US English:



  • A Brazilian or Portuguese stew of black beans with pork or other meat and vegetables, served with rice.

    • ‘It serves the national dish, feijoada (a black-bean stew with pork, beef and chorizo), with couve (stir-fried collard greens) and freshly cut orange and farofa (a blend of flour, olives, raisins and eggs).’
    • ‘On Saturdays, we have feijoada - a stew made out of pig bits, black beans and green cabbage.’
    • ‘Another meal to try is the rustic and meaty feijoada, the Brazilian national dish, which they make here on weekends.’
    • ‘John Falconer, the head chef, and his Brazilian wife, Lucia, specialise in lung-expanding Brazilian home cooking such as feijoada, a creamy, smoky black bean stew, as well as a range of delicious vegetarian pies and curries.’
    • ‘Wealthy families also prepare the traditional luso-African-Brazilian feijoada, a rich bean stew, for Sunday lunch or for guests.’
    • ‘About half way through our feijoada, John looked at me and said that perhaps our holiday this year should be to Brazil.’
    • ‘Then you can go on to the hot table, where Robinson's Brazilian black-bean stew, feijoada, waits alongside its traditional accompaniment of greens, cut narrow and cooked so that they retain some spring and crunch.’


Portuguese, from feijão, from Latin phaseolus ‘bean’.