Definition of feeler gauge in US English:

feeler gauge


  • A gauge consisting of a number of thin blades of calibrated thickness used for measuring narrow gaps or clearances.

    • ‘Then someone pulls out a feeler gauge and measures the gaps and flushness.’
    • ‘The paper test involves standing on top of the skis while the ski technician uses a feeler gauge or fitting card under the ski to determine if the ski fits properly.’
    • ‘A feeler gauge, thoughtfully provided by the manufacturer, is used to set the cylinder gap, the nut is replaced and snugged up, and the revolver is ready to go in a very few minutes with a new barrel length or style.’
    • ‘Check planters with finger pickups for wear on the back plate and brush (use a feeler gauge to check tension on the fingers, then tighten them correctly).’
    • ‘You can quickly check it with a simple feeler gauge.’


feeler gauge

/ˈfēlər ɡāj/