Definition of feed back in US English:

feed back

phrasal verb

  • 1(of a response) influence the development of the thing that has given rise to it.

    ‘what the audience tells me feeds back into my work’
    • ‘Equally important is how the results of those ‘failures’ are fed back into further theory development.’
    • ‘Next, you will need to practice diligently a number of exercise techniques to get feed back while developing these abilities.’
    • ‘Based on this feed back and a low response rate, this item was revised for the third mailing.’
    • ‘We did not feed back to respondents their previous score.’
    • ‘Consumers also play a role in the innovation process of creative industries by their willingness to pay for a new style, which feeds back to influence production and distribution structures.’
    • ‘The report states that once research findings are established, principal investigators are responsible for feeding back findings to participants or their representatives promptly and appropriately.’
    • ‘In turn these workers can feed back on and influence these movements.’
    • ‘A system that feeds back information to hospital doctors about the outcomes for each of their patients is to be introduced across Scotland over the next two to three years.’
    • ‘Please read and respond, I really like feed back!’
    • ‘Immediate feed back from constituents is another advantage of this service.’
  • 2(of an electrical or other system) produce feedback.

    • ‘It has pickups on it - when I turn up my amp, it'll feed back.’
    • ‘It's the same thing that makes an electric guitar feed back.’