Definition of Federal Register in US English:

Federal Register


  • A daily publication of the US federal government that issues proposed and final administrative regulations of federal agencies.

    • ‘To help establish its review and study agenda, the Commission proposed a Federal Register notice calling for public comment to be received by September 30, 2004.’
    • ‘According to a Federal Register notice published on September 6, the guide had authorized FDA's field districts to issue warning letters or recommend seizure actions without prior CDRH approval.’
    • ‘They said last November that companies should not send in any payments until a Federal Register notice is published explaining the process.’
    • ‘Coast Guard vessels are not included in security zones, the authority for which was recently extended in a Federal Register notice of a permanent final rule.’
    • ‘FDA has until April 26, 2003, to publish in the Federal Register a list of the types of reprocessed devices that require 510 clearance, and must revise the list as appropriate.’
    • ‘In an effort to develop a comparable product classification system, work began in 1999 on the development of a North American Product Classification System as described in a Federal Register Notice of April 16, 1999.’
    • ‘As forecast in the January 2000 ‘Clinical Issues,’ the FDA has announced in the Federal Register the publication of a revised guidance document on medical device tracking.’
    • ‘The U.S. Department of Agriculture has published a Federal Register notice announcing a series of public forums and the opportunity to provide written comments on Farm Bill issues and programs.’