Definition of feces in English:


(British faeces)

plural noun

  • Waste matter discharged from the bowels after food has been digested; excrement.

    • ‘Collect and label urine and faeces of patients who have possible internal radioactive contamination.’
    • ‘Contact with cats, kittens, cats' faeces, or cats who hunt for food was not a risk factor for infection.’
    • ‘Dust mite allergens are proteins that come from the digestive tracts of mites and are found in mite feces.’
    • ‘Those are infectious stages of the parasite and it's also excreted into the environment with the faeces.’
    • ‘Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection transmitted by food or water from urine or faeces from infected people.’
    • ‘Adenovirus is spread by contact with infected feces, urine or respiratory droplets.’
    • ‘The inclusion of the phytase enzyme in the diet will reduce the amount of phosphorus excreted in the feces.’
    • ‘It is important to change the baby's nappy regularly, to minimise the chance of urine and faeces irritating the skin.’
    • ‘You also can get this infection from soil where there is cat feces, so wear gloves when you are gardening.’
    • ‘Incontinence to urine and faeces commonly dates from pregnancy and childbirth.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the attenuated virus is excreted in the faeces, leading to herd immunity.’
    • ‘Rat urine and feces are infectious and contaminate the surroundings, including human food.’
    • ‘Typhoid bacteria are released in the urine and faeces of infected people.’
    • ‘Cysts are passed in a host's feces, remaining viable in a moist environment for months.’
    • ‘Human infection follows accidental ingestion of ova passed in dog faeces.’
    • ‘The fungus is a common soil contaminant being excreted in feces of several birds particularly pigeons.’
    • ‘Take care to avoid contact with the feces of family pets - especially reptiles.’
    • ‘Urine, faeces and sweat have been described as the three main excretable products.’
    • ‘Ascariasis occurs when worm eggs commonly found in soil and human feces are ingested.’
    • ‘People can become sick after eating food or water with animal feces in it.’
    excrement, bodily waste, waste matter, ordure, dung, manure, scat
    excreta, stools, droppings
    dirt, filth, muck, mess
    poo, doo-doo, doings, turds, caca
    cack, whoopsies, jobbies
    crap, shit
    night soil
    egesta, feculence
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Late Middle English: from Latin, plural of faex dregs.