Definition of feathering in US English:



  • 1The plumage of a bird or part of a bird.

    • ‘However, the feathering is definitely thin, and this may cause the bird to chill.’
    • ‘Apparently Australian and English magpies are not close cousins although they have similar feathering.’
    • ‘The Norwich is another large bird, sometimes called a feather pillow because of the bulk of its feathering.’
    • ‘The breast and belly are solid white, contrasting sharply with the rufous feathering on the legs.’
    • ‘The juvenile looks similar but lacks the white facial feathering and black markings on the belly.’
    • ‘They have longish bills, and they seem to have pale gape lines, though I can't tell whether that's skin or feathering.’
    • ‘But there's also another theory that perhaps there were creatures actually living in the trees that had the downy feathering as well and flight started as an adaptation of the gliding between trees.’
    • ‘The many juvenile harriers working the mound wore their orange winter plumage, a stark contrast to the hawk's black, white, and brown feathering.’
    • ‘The feathering is so intricate that it looks like the iridescent scales of a fish.’
    1. 1.1 The feathers of an arrow.
      plume, quill
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    2. 1.2 Fringes of hairs on the appendages or body of a dog.
      • ‘The springer's ears, chest, legs and belly are nicely furnished with a moderate fringe of feathering which is often trimmed geometrically to give the dog an elegant look.’
    3. 1.3 Featherlike markings or structure.
      ‘traditional finishes such as marbling and feathering’
      • ‘‘Philadelphia,’from the Amaryllis family, has white with salmon-red feathering, and huge double flowers.’
      • ‘Snyder became renowned for his delicate layered brushstrokes painstakingly applied to produce highly detailed feathering.’
      • ‘To keep these elements of the image alive, Newman made himself into a virtuoso of sorts, alternating deliberate feathering and scumbling with less easily controlled effects of bleeding and soaking.’
    4. 1.4Architecture Cusping in tracery.
      • ‘‘Rib edge feathering is a good early indicator of misalignment,’ Waibel says.’
      • ‘For precision in the tool handling, feathering is a favorite technique with these graders.’
  • 2The action of varying the angle of propellers, rotor blades, or oars so as to reduce air or water resistance.

    • ‘Consequently, feathering will not be able to produce the asymmetry necessary for the rowing appendage to generate net thrust.’
    • ‘The pilot looked toward the left engine to confirm the feathering.’
    • ‘On final, I'd consider shutting down and feathering the second engine, toggling the prop horizontal again.’
    • ‘But by extending the range in 1 yard increments, the technique, including in-flight feathering of the spool, becomes completely natural, and automatic.’
    • ‘The sound he had heard was the feathering of the starboard prop.’