Definition of feathered friend in US English:

feathered friend


usually feathered friends
  • A bird.

    ‘don't feed your feathered friends very dry bread or salty food’
    • ‘At street level, pigeon enthusiasts can be seen carrying their feathered friends in all manner of containers.’
    • ‘People who feed birds can never have enough feeders for their feathered friends.’
    • ‘In fact, for three whole decades we have been walking around, going places, seeing sights, driving back and forth across the country, paying no attention at all to our feathered friends.’
    • ‘Be sure to top up the water in the bird bath twice a week - our feathered friends get to depend on this source of water in dry times.’
    • ‘People have been warned that leaving tit-bits scattered for their feathered friends poses a health risk by attracting rats and mice.’
    • ‘Fortunately, we have our feathered friends to help.’
    • ‘If anything, their populations are growing - to the point where city hall wants Montrealers to be a little less friendly with their furred and feathered friends.’
    • ‘Duck season is a terrible time of year for our feathered friends.’
    • ‘Building is nearly complete on a £4.5m state-of-the-art ‘pet hotel’ in Tameside that looks set to revolutionise the way we care for our furry and feathered friends.’
    • ‘As angry as bird lovers might become, they wouldn't shoot at cats with airguns; some defend their feathered friends with nothing more lethal than water pistols.’
    • ‘Many of the flowers you have grown over the summer will provide dried seeds for tasty winter treats for birds - feathered friends especially love coneflowers left to dry on the plant.’
    • ‘Ducks and many other feathered friends fell from the skies in droves - and went straight into local pots.’
    • ‘This measure would ensure that, for one day a year, the citizens of this great country would extend the hand of friendship to our feathered friends.’
    • ‘The feathered friends, including the water birds, which spend most of their time on the lake inside the zoo, are most vulnerable.’
    • ‘But while most of us settle in, bundle up, or bed down for the winter, a multitude of our fair-weather, feathered friends are already on the wing, making their way to the Neotropics.’
    • ‘Of all our feathered friends pheasants offer the most gorgeous sight to behold, particularly the male ones.’
    • ‘Although deadheading your sunflowers will stimulate more blooms, leaving the flower heads on to sun-ripen the seed will be very much appreciated by our feathered friends in these desperate times.’
    • ‘London's regular birds are sharing their air space with a slightly more spectacular feathered friend after a bald eagle made its escape from a bird sanctuary.’
    • ‘Consistently fill the bird feeder so our feathered friends can count on you for food.’
    • ‘Putting out feeders not only gives us a closer look at our feathered friends, but also gives us a greater sense of kinship with the creatures sharing our natural world.’