Definition of fearfully in English:



  • 1In an anxious manner; apprehensively.

    ‘he glanced over his shoulder fearfully’
    • ‘Everyone is scared, waiting fearfully for the next attack.’
    • ‘Many women react fearfully to the news that they were going to have their baby in The Netherlands.’
    • ‘Milo told me, softly and a little fearfully, that he was in awe of it.’
    • ‘The mother, still recovering from the trauma of the delivery, fearfully anticipated the possibility of rejection by her in-laws.’
    • ‘Some members of the public, who witnessed the incident outside when he attacked Baney, looked fearfully at the man.’
    • ‘He glanced around fearfully in case anyone was watching what seemed like an ordinary conversation between the two men.’
    • ‘Jacob and Bryan stare fearfully at Dodge.’
    • ‘All this week you will be looking fearfully to New York City for guidance on what you will be wearing shortly.’
    • ‘A gaggle of ibis roosting in a nearby tree hooted fearfully.’
    • ‘They received us a little fearfully.’
    • ‘Margaret stared fearfully at her brother who was smiling quietly to himself.’
    • ‘She pressed her back against the wall and looked fearfully at everyone who moved.’
    • ‘They were soon blinking fearfully at the financial markets like rabbits caught in the headlamps of a truck.’
    • ‘We saw people running by outside our window, peering fearfully back over their shoulders.’
    • ‘They don't step up to a long first putt thinking fearfully of a possible three-putt.’
    • ‘When she fearfully approaches him, he touches her coat, but stops himself.’
    • ‘I left Darren staring fearfully out the window.’
    • ‘In the village were only scared-looking women standing in small groups, glancing fearfully around.’
    • ‘The Demon sank into a chair, nerveless and limp, but still staring fearfully at the boy.’
    • ‘They each regarded Mrs. Bennet fearfully.’
    apprehensively, uneasily, nervously, timidly, timorously, diffidently, hesitantly
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  • 2as submodifier Dreadfully; extremely.

    ‘she was fearfully worried for the welfare of her family’
    • ‘The one on the white horse was fearfully handsome and charmingly polite.’
    • ‘The online version of a gallery show, it has some fearfully vicious images - check out particularly the caricatures.’
    • ‘The fearfully serious event inspired this bright and deceptively playful assemblage.’
    • ‘I would dearly love this book, Style and Epoch: Moisei Ginzburg, but it's fearfully pricey.’
    • ‘The loss of men, in each ship, was fearfully great, and singularly equal.’
    • ‘The poor girl was so fearfully covered with the loathsome eruption, that on the sixth day her skin could not be seen on any part of her body.’
    • ‘It was old, and high above the water; and it shook fearfully as they went over it.’
    • ‘Her imagination had depicted him to her as suffering fearfully, but yet supported and illuminated by sanctity, love, and patience.’
    • ‘After having been fearfully annoyed, however, by a crowd of half-armed Saracens, Joinville and his friends made a charge.’
    • ‘He does not sound at all handsome, and he is fearfully old.’
    • ‘He hasn't any money, but is fearfully learned.’
    • ‘She's fearfully clever.’
    • ‘His eyes were light blue and rather small, and his face was fearfully freckled; but for all that he was not a bad-looking boy.’
    • ‘This parish only attracted three converts last year and confessions are fearfully low.’
    • ‘It appears to be fearfully highbrow.’
    • ‘Too many people have, and would, just be fearfully quiet in such a horrible situation.’
    • ‘He screamed as it flew round and round him, searching out a place where it might sting him most fearfully.’
    • ‘Fielding had a fearfully difficult time in his youth trying to work out what girls wanted.’
    • ‘He had lived so long in the open air, and led so active a life, imprisonment was telling fearfully upon his strong frame.’
    • ‘The sandflies are so fearfully vicious that they prevent me from writing or doing anything and make me very irritable.’
    extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, remarkably, uncommonly, extraordinarily, incredibly, most, very, really, immensely, thoroughly, positively, decidedly, downright
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