Definition of fax in English:



  • 1An image of a document made by electronic scanning and transmitted as data by telecommunication links.

    • ‘The arbitrator found that the faxes of 18th March were clear enough.’
    • ‘Receiving faxes and voice messages via e-mail is free; other services are charged.’
    • ‘Over 13,500 of you sent faxes to your senators.’
    • ‘You can support their protest by sending faxes or calling the interior minister.’
    • ‘He followed up his Saturday morning phone message with this fax.’
    • ‘I've signed the petitions, written letters, sent faxes and emails, and I'm ready.’
    • ‘Curiously enough, all this proselytising activity is funded by sending out junk faxes to businesses in the UK.’
    • ‘We refer to your fax dated 7th December.’
    • ‘Junk faxes are illegal because a significant cost is shifted to the recipient without recourse.’
    • ‘He did not do so in writing, although he was receiving faxes from them.’
    • ‘Thank you for your fax of June 8.’
    • ‘If the reporter needs to rewrite or edit the release, it is much easier to edit an electronic message than to retype a fax or a hard copy of the release.’
    • ‘We will be able to deal with e-mail contact, electronic faxes and text messages from a mobile phone.’
    • ‘You will also be able to conduct conference calls, receive voice mail, send faxes and check e-mail.’
    • ‘I received another anonymous fax this morning, right on schedule.’
    • ‘The penalty for each unsolicited fax is the greater of $500 or your actual damages.’
    • ‘On more than 400 occasions the company violated regulations which forbid companies from sending junk faxes.’
    • ‘This time, I sent copies of my faxes to high-ranking Forestry administrators in Jakarta.’
    • ‘Thank you for your extraordinary fax of June 5.’
    • ‘The U.S. Embassy officials presented the copy of the fax at Friday's hearing.’
    copy, reproduction, duplicate, photocopy, mimeograph, mimeo, replica, likeness, carbon, carbon copy, print, reprint, offprint, image
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    1. 1.1 The production or transmission of faxes.
      ‘he received the report by fax’
      • ‘The only question now is which internet fax service is the best one for your needs.’
      • ‘Remember to consider all communication media, including e-mail correspondence, telephone calls, and fax transmissions.’
      • ‘I process one application, only to find another's just arrived by fax.’
      • ‘In those days, the tools at a marketer's disposal included direct mail, fax, phone and interactive television.’
      • ‘This time, however, it comes bouncing down the satellite phone, and by fax and email.’
      • ‘Subsequently we have had many further meetings in the U.K. and in Bombay, while staying in touch via fax and phone.’
      • ‘But the site is secure and accepts orders on-line, by fax, or by phone.’
      • ‘Initially art was exchanged through telecommunications networks such as the telephone, fax, slo-scan video, and now as streamed data.’
      • ‘The Air Force and Park Service are accepting comments by mail, fax, voice mall, or e-mail through March 7.’
      • ‘In the old days it was all done on paper: Scouts would send in reports from games in the field by mail or fax, and the reports would be filed into thick binders.’
      • ‘Enforced by the FTC, the Mail or Telephone Order Rule applies to orders placed by phone, fax or the Internet.’
      • ‘The Call Recorder Archive software can be used to view recorded fax transmissions.’
      • ‘Now I'm not sure what's happening as I can't get through to them by fax or phone.’
      • ‘Subsequent data relay is associated with a device ID number and can be by phone / fax / web to a designated health system area.’
      • ‘Along with store-and-forward fax transmission and streamed voice mail, IVR sessions can be treated as data applications.’
      • ‘Overseas buyers would traditionally have had to interact or purchase over the phone or by fax.’
      • ‘She consults by fax on production details and quality problems (the display includes color photocopies of works in progress).’
      • ‘Most of China's call centres now provide 24-hour continuous service and provide voice IP, email, fax, text and video IP services.’
      • ‘The fax transmission details indicate that the document was faxed at 4.34 pm on 12 October.’
      • ‘Strategies to test effective e-mail and fax transmissions also were discussed.’
    2. 1.2 A machine for transmitting and receiving faxes.
      • ‘Does any hardware device feel slower or clunkier than the fax machine?’
      • ‘So if you don't buy a filter for every phone on the line, your calls will sound like an angry duel between a fax machine and a modem.’
      • ‘All of a sudden, the fax machine beeped and the document printed out.’
      • ‘This is to identify the fax machine to which the document will be sent.’
      • ‘It is a type of online services that provide subscribers with the ability to send and receive faxes without a fax machine.’
      • ‘So I went and did my photocopying on the fax machine instead.’
      • ‘However, instead of sending the document, the fax machine keeps spitting it out again.’
      • ‘There needs to evidence of local demand and the supplier must have a fax machine to receive orders.’
      • ‘So I just unhooked it from the computer and hooked it into the fax machine.’
      • ‘Till now, you had to own a special machine - a fax machine, which was only made to send and receive faxes.’
      • ‘The two delivery men wheeled in a collection of cartons containing computers, monitors, telephones, a printer and a fax machine.’
      • ‘There must be dozens of people looking at this strange image spooling off their fax machine this morning.’
      • ‘The document was then passed through a fax machine several times in order to appear authentic.’
      • ‘The only light inside came from a flickering computer screen and the winking of a fax machine.’
      • ‘The double-ring sounded; the fax machine answered, and all was right with the world.’
      • ‘One of Duncan's clients discovered he spent 336 hours a year at the fax machine.’
      • ‘The cardboard boxes that the fax machine, printer, and computer had come in were still piled up along one wall.’
      • ‘The phone just rang and rang, and never got answered, and my fax machine kept timing out.’
      • ‘Some of these media, such as the fax machine and the telephone, are direct.’
      • ‘The bad news is that they seem to be swimming in data generated by virtually everyone with a telephone, a computer or a fax machine.’


  • 1 Send (a document) by fax.

    • ‘He faxed a simple questionnaire to some of the city's restaurants, asking them how their sales compared to the pre-ban days.’
    • ‘The documents were faxed to The Post by officials at the records center.’
    • ‘He also faxed a letter to an FBI agent in New York who has had contact with him.’
    • ‘Permission must also be sought from immigration headquarters in Bangkok which requires many documents to be faxed back and forth.’
    • ‘The customer might then be asked to fax a copy of his driving licence and a utility bill.’
    • ‘They were requested to fax back the document with their signatures.’
    • ‘Most network management software will also allow you to fax documents from the desktop as well.’
    • ‘A second questionnaire was faxed two weeks after the first questionnaire.’
    • ‘Members would be e-mailed or faxed government consultation documents, policy papers and press releases.’
    • ‘Please fax or e-mail a resume and cover letter stating your interest.’
    • ‘It is for this reason that I did not fax this document or direct that it be faxed.’
    • ‘Pick style, fabric, color, and sizes, then fax the order.’
    • ‘We then faxed the information to the inspector.’
    • ‘Overseas-based South Africans are using the Internet to attach their signatures and others are faxing the petition.’
    • ‘The document was then faxed through to the Indian authorities via Interpol.’
    • ‘Viewers will be invited to fax, e-mail or phone in their votes.’
    • ‘Almost overnight the demand for our services plummeted as customers began faxing their documents rather than sending them by courier.’
    • ‘The fax transmission details indicate that the document was faxed at 4.34 pm on 12 October.’
    • ‘Another time I had to fax a document when my client needed a signature.’
    • ‘You'll have to go to your office and fax the documents from there.’
    transmit, convey, communicate
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    1. 1.1 Contact (someone) by fax.
      ‘to obtain a brochure, fax the agent’
      [no object] ‘the best way to order materials was to fax’
      • ‘This can be a big problem especially when some less than honest fax marketing companies have been known to fake phone logs to pretend they had permission to fax people.’
      • ‘Eastern Cape entrants can obtain their entry forms from her by faxing her.’
      • ‘A compromise bill would have limited the time frame to 48 hours in which a company would be allowed to fax someone after a verbal request, but the bill was passed via committee with the time limit being seven years.’
      • ‘I faxed him a month or so ago about this - even in the face of futility I had to.’
      • ‘To that end, why not fax your MP?’
      • ‘People should write to their MP rather than fax him.’
      • ‘If you haven't faxed your member of Congress in support of the bill, please do so today.’
      • ‘I faxed him yesterday and said ‘if you are really serious, we can make a game plan’.’
      • ‘When this debate was last raised in the House, he faxed me and said that the figures I gave were wrong.’
      • ‘I got a good response from her when I faxed her, but I also went to meet her face to face once.’
      • ‘The customer initiates an expression of interest by filling out something on the Web site or faxing us.’
      • ‘I am faxing you, by the way, using the website.’
      • ‘He kindly faxed David the list of who voted for and against the bill.’
      • ‘Readers who might be interested in bidding for one of the auction prizes can do so in advance of the big day by calling or faxing the foundation office.’
      • ‘Sorry if you've already faxed but please fax them back and tell them to deliver it on Friday.’
      • ‘And the chief of police of Ft. Bragg faxed us this morning that they have just made an arrest in a murder up there.’
      • ‘Further details may be obtained by phoning or faxing him.’
      • ‘I was faxing him from my home to his home - we didn't have our secretaries involved.’
      • ‘Tens of thousands of voters have called or faxed their Members of Congress in opposition to the bill.’


1940s: abbreviation of facsimile.